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Testimonials for DONATION Software

As well as the testimonials given directly to Software4Nonprofits below, there are over 200 short reviews of DONATION on the software listing site Capterra. And you can find further reviews on Google, by doing a search for "Cooperstock Software" and looking at what comes up on the right side of the page.

Good Morning Ali and Dan:

Well since receiving an email a while ago about the change in Donation and no new updates would work on Windows 7 which was on my old computer and I had to switch DONATION to my newer computer which was Windows 10, I have been in a turmoil. Like a lot of us,we are retired and not up to date on the changes in the computer world. I used to work in an IT company in Newfoundland and everyone assumed I was a programmer but I worked in the Accounting Department. So to install programs, that was like a foreign language to me. So when I got your message about upgrading my donation on my new computer I put it off until the last minute. I didn't want to have to TRY to do this and afraid I would make a big mistake. I love my Donation program and not to have it work properly I would be devastated.

So after contacting your company, Ali sent me back an email explaining how to do this on the new computer. Well I resigned myself that it had to be done and sat down and began the process. Ali had put in a section in his email "Simplest Instructions" . Well I read the document and then re-read the section Simplest Instructions and I have to say it was indeed the SIMPLEST INSTRUCTIONS.

I backuped my database on an external drive and proceeded to download from your site the Standard version. Within 5 to 10 minutes I had the new version on my new computer, then all I had to do was follow Ali's instructions on how to retrieve the license key and load on my data. It was that simple. So all of my worrying, sleepless nights and upset stomach was for nothing.

So I want to Thank Ali from the bottom of my heart for making this transfer such an easy one for a person like me who has no programming skills. Thank You Ali.

Dan I have to commend you and your company because at any time when I have come across a problem or needed help with something, my email was responded to immediately and I was led step by step to resolve it. So hats off to you and your staff, they are doing an amazing job at keeping your customers happy. Thank you again Ali for making this so easy. I really appreciate all your help with this transfer.

One happy customer who loves Donation.

Rita Johnston, Receipt Secretary
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Sydney Mines NS
July 2022

The following were received in response to a November 2021 email to all users about an 50% upcoming price increases for annual renewals and a switch to a subscription model.

Dan, I just want to say I am happy to recommend that our church continue using DONATION, even if you had doubled the annual cost. I want the software we use to be actively maintained and supported, so your business has to be sustainable. We previously used a low-budget donation program that worked well enough at first, but after 6 years with no updates available, we started having issues and switched to DONATION from Cooperstock Software.

Thanks for providing the great software and service that you give us, and thanks for keeping it at such an affordable price point for small churches.

Wesley Wilson, Board Member
Easley Bible Methodist Church, Easley SC

Sounds good. I always thought the software was very cheap for what it delivered. Just wanted to say that, as no doubt you get some push back. I own a professional bookkeeping firm that exclusively works with not for profit organizations and charities and I think DONATION is the best software on the market for Canadian tax receipts and well worth the new price point.

Jesse Blades, Owner
Bear Hill Bookkeeping
Courtenay BC

Thank you for a great program. I do the receipts for a charity. This year it was the easiest yet. The automatic recurring donations feature has been a life saver! Usually it is very stressful at this time of year, but using your program with all the great features you've included has made it so easy.

Thank you from a grateful customer.

Vee Welten, Administrator
Possibilities International, Petrolia ON
January 2021

I am a retired chartered accountant with an information technology specialist designation, with many years installing and configuring Accpac for Windows. I gotta say you did a marvelous job with both the ACCOUNTS and DONATIONS software. Good for you!

Steve Appleby, retired CA-IT
June 2019

The following was received after we sent out our annual email with information about year-end procedures in the program:

Thank you for sending this information to me. It is always helpful. I do appreciate you and your staff. You say there are only 3 staff, well you do more than major companies with thousands of employees. You have always been very helpful and quickly answer any problems I've had. I love this program. It is so easy to use and has everything in one place instead of having to open up so many different programs. When I came to work for this church 4 years ago, I didn't have much training, but your Help pages and manual helped me survive that first end of year process and has gotten me to where I am today. Thank you again for such a wonderful and easy program. May the Lord bless you, your employees and families with a healthy and beautiful Christmas and New Year.

Teresa Pope, Secretary/Treasurer
Calvary Episcopal Church, Wadesboro NC
December 2019

Software4Nonprofits discontinued the price point for the one simultaneous user Remote Database Version, as of the end of 2019. We believe the Cloud Storage Service of the Standard version is a much better option for users who need access to the same database from multiple computers over the Internet, because it is much faster, and generally cheaper. The exception is if they absolutely need multiple users doing data entry at the same time, in which case the five simultaneous user Remote Database Version is still available.

We wrote to all users of the one simultaneous user Remote Database Version in November 2019, informing them of that upcoming change. The following is a response from one user who switched to the Standard version (still called Standalone when she wrote) with the Cloud Storage Service:

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your help with our switching over. The standalone is sooooo much faster, I thank you for suggesting this to us.

Shirley Tymchuk, Director of Finance
A Horse Tale Inc., Hudson QC
November 2019

I know you probably just deal with issues and complaints, but I wanted to send this email to say thank you.

I am the volunteer secretary of a small nonprofit who also has a full time job. I love your software! It makes everything so easy, even the year end printing and transferring.

Thank you for making and keeping all the updates coming, for making my life easier!

Cindy Freeman, Secretary
His Place Carpenter Shop Ministries, Reedley CA
January 2019

I find Donation to be a quick and easy system to use to keep track of all monies and their purpose, received by our church. The support system, which requires a nominal annual fee after the first year, is readily accessible. Whereas other programs need you to purchase new software frequently for updates, these come with our small yearly fee. We get a personal response by e-mail if required. And, there is a Help portion of the system which answers many perceived questions.

Tracking is easily done and running receipts (which comply with Canada Revenue Agency demands) is a simple procedure which will make a copy for your records if required.

Ruth Benson, Treasurer
Greenwood United Church, Peterborough ON
October 2018

I would like to compliment you on the excellent Help documentation for the software.

It is very thorough and well-written. I have read thousands of pieces of "help" over 40 years of computer activity and have seen very few that have achieved your quality. It permits people to learn to use the software and also to solve problems. When further support has been needed, your responses have been prompt and effective. Thank you!

Carol Hobbs DeRosa, Chair (and Retired IT Professional)
Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge, Trail BC
April 2018

Please know how grateful and pleased we are to have found your DONATION software program. It is proving to be the solution to many of our long-standing problems. After some work, in addition to a bit of trial and error, we are even able to make the editor produce custom-sized thank yous such as this for our special donors. The program is also enabling us to track donors in all the ways we have desired. Having a working program for our donors at such a reasonable price is a great blessing to us.
[Dan's note: this came in a greeting card, which is why they referred to the custom-sized thank yous.]

St. Paisius Monastery, Safford AZ
February 2018

I just want to tell you that I really, really appreciate your program. I took over entering our donations when we switched bookkeepers a couple of years ago and I have never had an issue. Your directions are easy to find when needed and very understandable. I like how straightforward it is.

Shirley Durell, First Presbyterian, Regina SK
February 2018

Just wanted to reach out and say again how impressed I am at the clarity of your manuals and instructions, and the ease of getting everything installed and working. I went to the accountant's home/office earlier this evening, expecting that it could take a few hours to get the system shifted over to the Cloud Storage Service. Took us about 10 minutes, and everything was done. It was so smooth, that I actually wondered if it worked at all! I installed DONATION on my own computer, linked up the backup ID, put in the password, and presto!

Thanks for your support, but thanks also for your wonderful ministry heart in doing all of this. Your commitment to doing this as a ministry is marvelous. Your commitment to offering an excellent product is very obvious.

Rev. Ron den Otter Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Victory Asia Bible College
World Missions Continuum, Edmonton AB and Sriracha Thailand
July 2017

Thank you for incredible software! When Membership Plus changed to cloud based/monthly subscriptions, our church decided that wasn't the way for us to go. So, we continued using the older, PC-installed version we had. But, we didn't have a way to archive previous years, so the database was huge. Due to this, over the past year, Membership became very slow and at times, unresponsive. We knew we needed a change.

I began researching other options. Most were cloud based with monthly subscriptions. I don't even remember how I stumbled on DONATION, but I'm so glad that I did! Your software had all the features we were looking for. It's a perfect fit for us! I'm amazed at how quickly I was able to do the automated conversion of our Membership Plus info and begin using DONATION immediately. Your tutorials & documentation are superb.

Today, I did a test. I input all contributions into Membership Plus as usual (and I'm not a slow keyer). I timed it. Then, I input the exact same contributions into DONATION using the One Date Batch Entry. It took me about 1/2 the time!! The reports are perfect and show all the detail we need.

I'm just amazed at how well DONATION functions!! I was working with the 60 day trial version for less than a week when I decided it was far superior to Membership Plus V12. I talked to my supervisor last Friday and it was decided to purchase the program immediately rather than waiting until the end of the 60 days.

There are so many things to love about this software. It's user friendly, extremely fast and a pleasure to use.

Valerie Gossert, Calvary Chapel Surprise, Surprise AZ
February 2015

This is a GREAT little program for tracking donations, whether for a church or a non-profit. Tracks data, creates reports and letters. You can generate any of these with ease. I have never given a piece of software a 10 but I would this one. And customer service could not be any better. Super fast response and super easy to work with. AND very inexpensive. Either networked or stand alone versions. Do I sound like a salesperson? I could be but I'm not. Just a very satisfied user.

Alan Scott, IT Support
Mid-Valley Literacy Center, Keizer OR
October 2014

I am not an accountant but I have been maintaining the membership, contributions and accounting for our small church for the past 17 years. During that time, I have researched, purchased and used several software packages. Some were made for churches and others were adapted for use in a church. I am currently using "DONATION" and "ACCOUNTS" from Software4Nonprofits. This is the first software that I have used that seems to truly understand the unique fund accounting used by churches. The software is easy to use. Once you get all your membership and accounts set up properly, the weekly and monthly bookkeeping is a snap. The two different software packages were written to work together flawlessly. The last system I used consisted of two software packages that partially worked together plus a spreadsheet to make up for what the software could not do. In some instances, I had to input triple entries. I am glad those days are gone. The technical support I have received has been second to none. The help files in the software are quite extensive and so I have only needed to get help by email two or three times. I have always received responses in less than 24 hours. In addition to all this, this is the best priced software I have used. Absolutely the best value. Thank you Dan and your staff for all you do.
Your very satisfied customer, John

John Savage, Bookkeeper
Northside Community Church, Eufaula AL
September 2014

Our church has been using DONATION for close to 3 years now. We previously used Membership Plus. Although cost was one of the main reasons for switching, the ability to share data was also considered. DONATION has surpassed our expectations. There was no learning curve whatsoever. The ease of use makes it faster for data entry, Backups are quick and easy and you can easily share with others by doing an email backup. No longer am I the primary point of failure and the only person with the information. That took a lot of stress off of me. Starting over each year with only active accounts is a great feature. Gives you the ability to deal with fewer accounts while archiving older accounts for reference. End-of-Year Receipts use to take 1-2 hours to generate and print. With DONATION it can all be done in 15 minutes. The support costs are reasonable, especially for a small church. The technical support is always quick to respond and extremely helpful. DONATION has been the best decision our church ever made!

Margaret Cochran, Treasurer's Assistant
Calvary Grace Assembly of God, LaPlata, MD
September, 2014

When GiftWorks morphed into more sophisticated arrangements for its software and billing than we were happy to accept, we searched Google for other non-profit database possibilities. We eventually clicked on after exploring four other amazing possibilities that offered far more than we could use at prices we were hesitant to pay. DONATION's free trial allowed us to see how much of our eleven years of data in GiftWorks' *.gds file would transfer directly into DONATION, and the answer was, "all we wanted". It was easy to write a check for $80 and mail it to Cooperstock Software to enroll for a year. It is easier for us to work with DONATION than it ever was with GiftWorks. If you run into a snag during installation or in working the program there is always a rational pop-up help text or lucid explanation in the help manual. In a worst case situation, you can email or phone the guy who built it ... all part of the $80 first year fee and the $40 subsequent annual update fees. Try it; chances are you will really love DONATION if you are replacing GiftWorks.

Doug Pease, Friends of the Carmel Valley Library
Carmel Valley CA
June 2014

I have found DONATION software to be simple to use, very reasonably priced, and accompanied with unmatched support. I was facing either losing our data or purchasing an unreasonably expensive required upgrade from our current receipting software company. I found DONATION software online and downloaded the free trial. I immediately realized that it was perfect for our needs, but that didn't solve my data issue! Dan Cooperstock at Software4Nonprofits converted our GiftWorks data to import seamlessly into DONATION at no extra cost, as part of developing a converter that he built into the program, that any GiftWorks user could use. Thanks to Dan, we were able to avoid being forced to pay unreasonable rates from our current software provider and to switch to software that is much simpler to use and still retain our data. Thanks again for providing such a great product for the nonprofit organizations out there.

Gerald Knicely, Hinton Mennonite Relief Center
Dayton VA
January 2014

I just activated the renewal license for a church I work with. They have been using DONATION for a year now and I thought I'd drop you a note with my impressions. It is a first class piece of software. Having written several small programs for the legal profession in past years (I guess we're supposed to call them "Apps" nowadays!), I can appreciate the programming thoroughness and attention to detail your application reflects. You have obviously taken great pains to determine the real world requirements of this group of customers. The program exhibits a great balance between user friendliness and sufficient complexity to meet client needs. I especially like the simple and clear interface and excellent stock and custom report generation options.

What has really stood out for me is your help files. Usually I tend to avoid directing my clients to help files when they have a problem - if I do, they often end up more confused than when they started. In the case of DONATION, this is not a concern, as the clarity and comprehensiveness of the content is superb. You have spent a lot of time on this content, and it shows. I can honestly say that I do not think I have seen any application that is better in this respect.

Richard Baker, Canrow Systems Inc.
Kelowna BC
January 2014

As IT director for our Church we used to dread end of year contribution reports, because we knew it would take hours for the information to compile using our application "Membership Plus". After several failed attempts to generate even one single report to show members' tax receipts from the previous year, we had no choice but to search for an application that could meet our desired results. Fortunately, we happened upon Dan Cooperstock's program DONATION! After a quick evaluation of the free trial, we immediately purchased the license and began running reports. What used to take literally days in Membership Plus, now took mere minutes using DONATION! The conversion of the Membership Plus database to the DONATION application was seamless and foolproof with no loss of data. I highly recommend this application for all non-profits who are currently using Membership Plus. We will be looking to transition and train our data entry persons to the new application and finally get rid of the cumbersome, system hog Membership Plus.

Kevin Wortham, IT Director
Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Washington DC
February 2013

I absolutely love the DONATION software. I can't believe how easy it is to use and so inexpensive. I can do a batch posting and enter the entire congregation's offerings all on one screen. I can also do a split entry (a regular one and say a special offering) per person with just a click of a button. You can also add your own offering titles, ex: All Faith Donation, which is great. We have 70 people in our congregation and I am able to enter the Sunday offering in about 15 minutes. It is extremely user friendly. I was able to install it and immediately start using it without any training, digging through a user manual or using the help screen. I highly recommend this software. Thanks Dan for creating such a great program that has simplified my life.

Shirley Adams, Financial Secretary
The Community Church of Buckeye AZ
January 2013

I just had to take a few moments to let you know what a fantastic product you have developed. I have been keeping the books and contributions for my church for 15 years and this is the first time it has actually been a pleasant experience to close out the year. The ease of using the program, the comprehensiveness of the program, and the accuracy of the program are remarkable. This is a GREAT product, I love it!!!

Emma Brown, Bookkeeper
New Zion Baptist Church, Spindale NC
January 2013

I downloaded it today, and moved my organization over to it today ... and I don't need any longer than today to know that this software is EXACTLY what we needed. Simple, fast, elegant, affordable - you NAILED IT. I'm tired of trying overpriced, klunky-kludgy, 'web-based-cloud-baloney' software. (laughing) This is just what we needed! Thanks!!!

Aaron Knight, Director, FFC
Friends for China, Norwell MA
October 2012

Thank you very much for all of your support with this program, I cannot express enough how helpful you have been. Your quick response to my questions proves that going with DONATION over any other software was the right thing for our organization; I wouldn't see this level of customer service with the "big box" software.

Jessica Parsons DuGray
Canadian Mental Health Association, Thompson Region
Thompson MB, September 2012

We have used Access, QuickBooks, and Membership Plus for our donations and receipt purposes but were not satisfied with any of them. I was looking to see whether Membership Plus had updated their software when I stumbled upon DONATION. It is so much easier to use and cheaper. I also liked that I could download a trial edition and try it out for free. I recently bought a new computer and was having some real issues changing my old computer to a Network Server version of DONATION. Dan worked very hard to help me and even created a new edition to address the unusual issues I had. Thanks, Dan!

John Kornbau, Associate Director
Wayne-Pike Child Evangelism Fellowship
Honesdale PA, June 2012

We had used DONATION in the past, but started using just QuickBooks in January of 2011, and didn't think we'd need DONATION anymore. However, we realized - when it came time to print donation receipts in January - that QuickBooks Nonprofit was incredibly insufficient for that task!! So, we have decided to go back to using your DONATION software, because it far surpasses QuickBooks for tracking donors and donations and issuing receipts (and your pricing is also excellent). Congratulations on creating such a great donor software product! We are glad to be back with Cooperstock Software, and we look forward to a long relationship with your organization!

Kim K
Asheville NC, February 2012

I want to let you know how much I love this program. As a new volunteer last year, sorting out donations and sending receipts to over 400 donors was a monumental task. Then I heard about DONATION - what a life saver! So, I thank you for creating this software. I am also part-time secretary at our church where I have been singing praises about this software. We have an older couple who have been doing the receipts manually for more than 30 years and they are not willing to switch to the computer at this time, but whenever they give up their job, we will certainly be getting this program.

Claudette Stoddart, Volunteer Bookkeeper
First Step Options Center
Pembroke ON, September 2011

DONATION has to be the best value I have seen in church donation tracking and receipting software! When the church software we were using was discontinued we looked at various packages. Nothing was even close to the ease of use and features you offer. An excellent product at a most reasonable cost!

Leonard Slipp, Envelope Secretary
Saint James United Church
Woodstock NB, January 2011

After a year of using the DONATION software, I am still amazed by the ease of use, the functionality, the many features of this software, the reasonable price and most importantly the constant support of the company.

I was using the most famous church membership software, Membership Plus from Parsons Technology, since 1989. Unfortunately there were bugs in the following Windows versions, it became too complicated and there was no support at all. No way to print the 3 copies required in Quebec (one for federal, the 2nd for provincial and the 3rd for personal) on the same page. No way to print in French what I wanted to put in the receipt. And voila DONATION gave me all this with no French mistakes usually found in translated English software.

After studying trial versions of almost all church management software programs present in the USA and Canadian market, I strongly recommend this software to all churches that need English, French or bilingual tax receipts printed in the same page with the option of putting your logo and signature on the receipt. Note that it is also very easy to print an American English receipt meeting IRS requirements, for the American citizen who could make a donation in US Dollars to your Canadian church.

Tom Hanna, Syriac Catholic Church
Montreal Quebec, January 2011

(This was written to everyone in the user's church:) I can't say enough good things about the DONATION software that I am using that allows me to do the recording and receipting easily and quickly or about the instantaneous support I receive from the person behind this software. If any of you are working with charitable organizations which deal with donors and issuing tax receipts, check it out.

Marilyn Shinyei, Treasurer
Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax
Halifax Nova Scotia, December 2010

As I was converting to the new year with DONATION and inputting my first Sunday's offering, I was struck with what a fine product DONATION has become. It was a good product and easy to use several years ago when I started, but you have worked diligently to make it incrementally better while not deviating from the simplicity premise that has kept it a great product.

Thanks for keeping the vision and making DONATION steadily better within that vision.

Also thanks for maintaining a product that WORKS right and never has a glitch that lasts more than a day or two.

Finally, thanks for always being there to answer questions and evaluate and respond to suggestions.

David Robertson, Treasurer
Kingsland Community Church
Kingsland TX, January 2010

Wow - thanks for your speedy reply to my tech support question. I love your software. It has made my busy life as a teacher and mother so much easier. I can volunteer my time to the church without it being a burden - thanks to this software.

Jodie McArthur, Envelope Secretary
Camilla-Laurel-Mono Centre Pastoral Charge - United Church of Canada
Orangeville Ontario, October 2009

I really enjoy working with your software. It is truly remarkable. You seem to have anticipated what needs there are and have met them beautifully.

Thanks for all your work on this great asset.

Cynthia Heidman, Bookkeeper
Port Sydney Bible Chapel, Port Sydney Ontario
September 2009

Dan - I just got done doing my year end and your step by step instructions are FABULOUS!!!! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!! Once I get caught up I will definitely promote this to fellow church administrators. Thank you for such a great product, resource and especially your hands on involvement and accessibility. You make what could really be a grueling task so easy and trustworthy.

I have sent you compliments every year because every year your product just gets better and better. It is so user friendly and how you have it set up just makes sense for the average user. It's simple enough yet detailed enough and you can customize it to fit your needs so easily.

You really have been a blessing over the years Dan.

Kathy Landwehr, Administrative Assistant
New Covenant Community Church
Somers Point NJ, U.S.A., January 2009

This is from an email that the user below sent to a number of his friends and colleagues:

Just wanted to share with you a wonderful resource - in the form of a donation tracking software - that a fellow in Canada has developed and made available to churches and non-profits at a ridiculously low price - in an even more ridiculous easy format to download and use.

If you're needing to capture, track, and provide end-of-year receipts for contributions and giving, you will be amazed at the ease of this system. I have been using it for 3 years and have expressed to the developer of this software what a tremendous service he is providing to the religious and non-profit sector by making this program available for virtually nothing with the ease of use it provides.

Check it out, and if you know of non-profits or churches looking for a system...tell them about this one. I have no vested interest in sharing this with you except to bring awareness to an incredible resource, and selfishly, hopefully help insure this gentleman's success.

Luis A. Perez, Network Overseer
The BridGe Network of House & Micro Churches
Rochester NY, U.S.A., January 2009

Quite impressed with your DONATION software trial package. The software is easy to negotiate and the price is very competitive. Your application is straight-forward and simple; not like the other expensive packages I have tried, only to discover the software does everything except what is desired.

H.R. Winstead, assistant finance officer
St. John A.M.E. Zion Church
North Carolina, U.S.A., July 2008

Excellent work!! You have saved me hundreds of hours of balancing and cross checking our financial books and have made receipting easy when it used to be a chore I hated to do.

Richard Hol, Treasurer,
The Gathering Place and Revival Centre,
London ON, Canada, May 2008

I was so pleased to find this software, I didn't know it existed, it is the most user friendly software I have ever used.

Looking forward to using this software program for a long time.

- A Church Treasurer,
New Brunswick, Canada, April 2008

We have now completed the first full cycle of using the program at our church, and I found it a wonderful program to use. I had formerly used Excel spreadsheets (which I still like), but the elimination of writing manual receipts was a huge improvement for me!

Thanks for a great program, great "help" instructions & your personal support via email over this past year. I can tell that this is truly a labour of love on your part. I will continue spreading the word about it!

- Dagmar Carter, Financial Secretary,
First United Baptist Church,
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada, February 2008

I have worked in charitable organizations for 20 years - and the receipting has always been the bane of my existence.
I was surfing the net for receipt paper in three sections for a template I developed in Word using an Excel spreadsheet to record the data (but did not create real 'professional looking receipts') ... yours are wonderful.
I am a volunteer treasurer of two other not for profits and will most certainly be sharing this program with them!
Thanks for this program!

- Joy Fyckes, Executive Director,
C.E.L.A.M. (RECLAIM Literacy Council),
Quebec, Canada, January 2008

We use your program at our church and I love it. Thank you for developing an easy to use, straightforward, and extremely useful program. I can honestly say it was a blessing when I found DONATION and put it to use. It has made my job not only easier but more efficient and organized. I don't like overkill (i.e. too many features in software) and it's hard to find software that's not just that. Thanks again.

- James Parnell, Treasurer,
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship,
Crescent, PA, August 2007

Being a non-profit on a tight budget, DONATION was an answer to prayers. After using it, I find it is probably better than any other program on the market. It is easy to enter data.

- Germaine R. Carter, Executive Director
God's Word, July 2007

This program is very useful, it saves lots of time and hassles from what was used previously. Training ushers to properly input data takes ten minutes.

- Tony Jullion, Treasurer
Barrhead Alliance Church
Barrhead, AB, June 2007

The version of DONATION I am now using as pledge secretary for my church -- 2.50 I think -- is fantastic. It is well designed, easy to use with the user very definitely in mind, and extremely functional.

In my 40 years as a computer programmer, I worked mostly on midsized computers with very stable operating systems. I have been so disillusioned by the PC software coming out of large organizations that it is extremely refreshing to work with software that actually works and is intuitive. A computer programmer's AND a user's dream -- a rare combination these days. Thank you.

- Cathy Washington, Pledge Secretary
St. George's Episcopal Church
Carmichael, CA, June 2007

Thanks for making your DONATION software available - it is a great tool to use. May God bless you for making it affordable and excellent! Apart from the program itself, I also appreciate the prompt and personal attention from your company to answer my questions and concerns. Thank you!

- Mike Knoll, Senior Pastor
Orillia Life Centre
Orillia, ON, May 2007

Thanks for your product Dan. I appreciate the easy learning curve of your product. I was able to use it within 5 minutes of downloading it.

- Gloria Flora, Executive Director,
Sustainable Obtainable Solutions
Helena, MT, May 2007

As a user of your program for many years now, I can not think of any other that is so simple to use and fairly self-explanatory for the things that you might need help with. As a small non-profit organization we have a limited amount of staff. Namely one. Myself. Previously to this we also had one, who was with us for 10 years. With this person having all administrative duties there was no one to take over when she left us, that was remotely computer friendly, except for me. Thanks to this wonderful program it saved the organization and me at tax time last year, when she left and again this year.

Even as a smaller nonprofit, a membership of under a thousand members and less than 50 private donors including small donations (we hope to fix that this year), it is a full program with all of the needs that we require. It holds all the relevant information that Revenue Canada expects from us and you have allowed us to add any additional information ourselves to personalize the receipts to our organization.

I remember a few months back when you had originally asked us users if we would still use your program if it became open source and was supportive of your reasons then as I am now of your decision to charge a small price for the program. I agree that you should be compensated for spending all this time on helping others. Even though it is your 'ministry' as you worded it, I don't feel that you should be required to maintain this forever free of charge. Don't get me wrong, I am a philanthropist myself. Volunteering is much of my life, and gives me my quality of life. But we also need to survive and take care of ourselves. If we don't we are no good for anyone else. That goes for healthy mind and spirit as well as physical wellbeing. For all of the good works you have done for us, over 4,000 users of this program, I think that the majority of us probably feel the same and feel that we can if able, pay a voluntary amount for the program.

I don't think the minuscule prices you are asking ($30 originally and $15 for subsequent years for an organization of our size, under 200 donors), are at all very much, and you are leaving it open to the users that can't pay. [Dan's note: These prices were later increased, and are currently $80 and $40 respectively.] As we are all in this together, I am sure that there would be some organizations that would add extra to make up for those smaller orgs that could not afford to pay. Looking at and pricing other charitable donation programs, some are charging over a thousand dollars for the program itself, then additional fees for updates and renewals. Of course this does not include the tech time to install it nor training a user.

With all that your program has to offer and the simplicity of it, I think most would agree that what you have put forward as fee levels are more than generous. You have afforded us an opportunity for years now to access something that has become vital to our organizations and offered it free and of your own volition. In this day and age it is less and less frequent. Even the small amount that you are asking for is more like a continued donation to each of us users.

I know that our organization would be lost without this program. I also know that we would not have a problem paying a voluntary yearly subscription amount for the program.

- Ruby Black, Executive Director,
Vancouver Island Persons Living With HIV/AIDS Society
April 2007

There are also earlier testimonials from before May 2007, when the program was free, and did not require payment as it does now (except for the free feature-limited Lite version).

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