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Older Testimonials for DONATION Software

The following testimonials are from before May 2007, when the program was free, and did not require payment as it does now, (except for the free Lite version). You can also see later testimonials for the newer paid version of the program.

Many thanks for making your fine donations software available free of charge. As the newly designated envelopes secretary at St. Luke's Anglican Church, and having no experience with spreadsheets, I would have been in serious trouble but for your software. Over the past three weeks, I have found that your program is easy to understand, easy to operate and extraordinarily useful in helping me to keep detailed track of the givings at our church.

- Caroline Leishman, Envelopes Secretary
St. Luke's Anglican Church
London ON, March 2006

Although we are a very small church I have found your program to be an invaluable aid in keeping my records.

Before I got the program I was ready to give up my volunteer position as treasurer. Now I'm going to continue doing the job.

Many thanks.

- Diana Morine
Wolfville Ridge United Baptist Church
Wolfville, NS, December 2005

Dan, I've started entering records for my church in the DONATION program I downloaded. From the 6-8 hours I've put in already, I've discovered that this program is simple, well thought-out for data entry, easy to use and just very nicely laid out.

I am a retired systems analyst. My church in years past has used purely manual means including a 2-part NCR form to handle the receipting process. My preference when I went looking for software (so I wouldn't have to build something myself) was to find some ** small ** one-purpose program that would do what I wanted, was quick to get running, and would handle just this one task -- entering weekly offerings and printing receipts. Inexpensive or free would be nice also.

I just wanted you to know I appreciate the product and if a retired data processing guy's opinion counts, I think you did a great job.

- John Keim
Peace Lutheran Church
Portland, OR, August 23, 2005

What a blessing you have been for all the people out there who have used DONATION.

Let me tell you how delighted I was with your program. I found it in an on-line search for an inexpensive (hopefully free) program to process the donations to our church. I WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZED WITH EVERYTHING I WORKED WITH!!!! The range of information was incredible and very user friendly to learn and use! There was nothing I wanted that wasn't available.

From one very happy customer, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your work and time!!!! Your contribution to the non-profit sector is invaluable and again, a HUGE BLESSING!!!

- Carol Brown, Past Treasurer
Parkway Pentecostal Church
Corunna, ON, May 1, 2005

I have looked at the application (as a software developer myself) and REALLY like it! Our church has been using a well known church software package for several years and we are dissatisfied with the contribution tracking. It also has much more than we need (Sunday School tracking, Visitor module, member directory, etc.) because our Treasurer handles the donation tracking away from the church. After downloading DONATION, I have successfully imported ALL of our donor information as well as ALL donations for the past 3 years. DONATION looks like just what we need. I will be recommending DONATION to all of the churches in our presbytery.

- Don Peters, Treasurer
Edgemont Presbyterian Church
Bristol, TN, February 7, 2005

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I have been a church treasurer for 7 years and over that time I have built my own database for recording offerings. I am thrilled that you have made it easier. Your program has all of the features I built into my stuff but your program lets me jump back and forth between the information.

I love One Date Donations. The check is awesome. Our recording forms, which I have also built in a spreadsheet, are set up the same as the entry screen. It takes so little time and then the check before saving is awesome. I was having to go to a report to check the totals.

I am loving this. Thank you again.

- Ricki Faryna, Treasurer
Innisfail Baptist Church
Alberta, April 18, 2004

Greater Boston PFLAG is delighted with your DONATION software as a recording tool for our contributions. We have several tracks of funding and your format allows us to identify each donor by the usual data, as well as the individual's unique affiliation to PFLAG.

Thank you for making the program widely available. It is flexible and is very well thought out. It is just the level of complexity we need, and can handle. Again, we thank you.

- Gretchen Frasier, President
Greater Boston PFLAG
(Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
April 22, 2002

I would like to thank you again for the new password hierarchy. We won't be implementing it until the end of the year and I am sure it will work very well for us. Also, to my knowledge, this feature isn't available in any other program of this type. Our tellers have been using the program since the first of the year. Most of these people have computer skills of nil to very little and catch on to the program very quickly.

- Mike Howe
Mount Forest First Baptist Church
Mount Forest, ON, July 1, 2001

Just wanted to pass on kudos for a job well done. I just finished using your program to generate receipts for last year's donations. I also downloaded the latest version and checked out some of the new features. Pretty much everything that I could want is in there.

Lyndon R. Kok, Collector of Funds
Canadian Reformed Church at Calgary
Calgary, AB, February 20, 2001

Most important feature - IT WORKS FOR CANADIANS without customization. To find a Canadian product for a Canadian application is difficult, DONATION solves that dilemma. Easy access to the author is also a benefit.

- Iain Maciver, December 18, 2000

The program is extremely useful for maintaining memberships and donations. The best part of tracking donations is that donor lists may be generated by amounts so that fund raising can be tailored to specific donor levels. Generating the tax receipts in January is such a breeze. Just make sure your printer has enough paper and ink/toner.

- David Schumaker, December 18, 2000

The following is part of a review Richard Anderson did for a Presbyterian publication. Bits of his review that were just informational and can be found on other parts of this site were omitted.

Are you looking for a simple program to keep track of donations and to print approved charitable receipts? If you are, look no further than the free DONATION program written by Dan Cooperstock.

[list of features omitted]

There are many more features in the program that are all explained very clearly in the manual. This is a very user friendly program. Our envelope secretary, who will admit to not being computer literate, is using the program proficiently after only an hour of instruction.

Please make use of this free, easy to use and well-written program.

- Richard Anderson, Memorial Presbyterian Church,
Sylvan Lake, AB, November 20, 2000

I just had to send you a message to say "THANK-YOU" for creating such a terrific program to track donations! Throughout the years, our agency has had a very outdated, not-so-efficient method of maintaining donations. Things are so much better since we changed to your program! (Just thought you might like to hear this feedback re: your 'creation'.)

- Allyson Scott
Cambridge Association for the Mentally Handicapped
August 31, 2000

We are using DONATION 2.2 and the user loves it because it is so easy and fun for her to use. I love it because it is pretty much maintenance free and since it is so easy to use and so well documented I don't have to deal with any questions from the user. Thanks again for creating software the way it should be - elegant yet simple and functional.

- John R. Centofani
October 11, 1999

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