License Information



License Information

DONATION is licensed and copyrighted software. It is marketed as shareware, meaning that you are free to download it and evaluate it without charge, but organizations are expected to pay for the software if they actually use it. Details are on the PRICING/PAYMENT page on the program's web site.


The software license agreement is provided in the file LICENSE.htm, which is installed in the program's main directory, usually C:\Program Files\DONATION. The license can be easily viewed by using the program's Help ⇒ View License Agreement menu option.


Additional license information for components of DONATION that were not created by Cooperstock Software:


This software contains Gemini Firebird ODBC Driver (c) 1999-2007 Aleksey Karyakin.


The Firebird database included with DONATION is subject to both The InterBase Public License (a version of the

Mozilla Public License 1.1) and the Initial Developer's Public License.


A copy of the novaPDF Professional PDF printer driver software, restricted for use only by DONATION, is included with DONATION. Fully licensed versions of this, which can be used with applications other than DONATION, are available from A license for the restricted version is located in the novaPDF folder under your DONATION installation folder, in the file License.rtf.