Restoring Old Backups



Restoring Old Backups

The database format, and database filename, was different in version 2.70b of DONATION and earlier versions, which were released in 2007 or earlier. In those earlier version, the database filename and backup filename were both DONATION3.DB. In version 3.00 of DONATION (first released in late 2007) and later versions, however, the database filename is DONATION4.DB, and the backup filename is DONATION4.DB.GBK, DONATION-YYYY-MM-DD.DB.GBK, or DONATION-YYYY-MM-DD.HH.MM.SSDB.GBK, where YYYY-MM-DD is replaced by the date the backup was made and HH.MM.SS is replaced by the time.


There are a few situations in which you may need to restore an old-version database file to DONATION. The most common is when your organization has been running a much older version of DONATION on a computer, and you buy a new computer (or switch to a new Treasurer or Envelope Secretary) and put a new version of DONATION onto that other computer.


Please see Converting Data from Prior Versions for details on this feature, which is no longer available with the current version of DONATION, but which can still be done if necessary with assistance from Software4Nonprofits support.