Converting Data from Prior Versions of the Program



    Converting Data from Prior Versions of the Program

If you were most recently using a much earlier version version of DONATION (any version from 2.30 to 2.70, released prior to October 2007, and you never upgraded after that) and you install the current version for the first time, a conversion will be required.


Those versions used a database format that the current version of DONATION cannot convert that, but if you contact support, we can help you convert it, by installing an older version (4.01b) that is still able to do that conversion.


This program can also no longer convert from the even earlier versions of our DONATION program (version 2.29 or lower). If you still need to do that conversion, contact us and we will help you convert that first, by installing an earlier version (2.70).


Converting from Earlier Versions when you have Multiple Databases


If you used the Database ⇒ Switch Databases option to handle multiple database with version 2.30 or higher of DONATION, then when you switch databases to a different database using version 3.00 or higher, the conversion question will again come up, and you will be able to convert your data from the old database file to the new database file. So if you do have you install an earlier version to do that conversion, you will have to convert all of your databases before then upgrading to our current version.