Using a Logo or Signature bitmap on your Receipts



    Using a Logo or Signature bitmap on your Receipts

You can specify graphics files for both your organization's logo, if you have one, and the receipt signing officer's signature, via the Select Logo and Signature button in the window that comes up when you select the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options menu option. That brings up the following window (with some sample data shown):




The two fields after the File prompts are not editable: you select the files using the Browse buttons. You may select files from any folder on your local hard drive, and they may be in any standard bitmap format (BMP, GIF or JPG). Once you select a file with the Browse button, the program will check that it has the correct dimensions (details below) and then display it in the corresponding Image area.


If you decide that you don't want to have one of the Logo or Signature bitmaps used, which you have previously specified, use the Clear button to remove it.


As usual, you can save your changes on this window with the OK button, or abandon your changes with the Cancel button.


Using your Logo in the Receipts


If you have an organizational logo, and specify it in the window above, it will automatically display on the program's built in receipts, in the top right corner. (If you choose to generate receipts with Mail Merge, it will also display on them.) If you don't specify it in that window, your logo will not appear on the receipts, but they will still print fine.


The logo should be in a bitmap file as described above, with width 150 pixels and height 60 pixels. Alternatively, if you provide a bitmap whose size is a multiple of 150 x 60, for example 300 x 120, 450 X 180 or 600 x 240, it will be automatically scaled to fit into the desired space on the built in receipts (and may even look better on your printer). If your logo is not that shape, you will have to edit it with a graphics editing program (like Microsoft Paint, or PhotoShop), and try to fit it into the bottom (if it is wider and less high) or right side (if it is squarer) of the space provided, as it will line up with the other elements on the receipt better that way.


The same logo file is automatically included in the sample mail merge receipts and mail merge letters. However, it is not scaled to any given size - it will show up at whatever size the file actually is. So if you use the mail merge receipts instead of the built-in versions, your logo doesn't actually have to be a multiple of 150 x 60 pixels in size. You can also alternatively edit the sample mail merge receipt, to remove that logo file and insert a different one (of any size and shape) in its place, or in a different position in the receipt.


Unless you are printing on a colour printer, this will probably look best if your bitmap is all black-and-white, or what most paint programs call two-colour or monochrome.


The same logo file can also optionally be included on envelopes that you print for donors or receipts, and it will always be scaled to 150 x 60 pixels there.


Using a Bitmap Signature on the Receipts


You can also use a bitmap for the signing officer's signature. It should be a bitmap file 166 x 39 pixels, or a multiple of that size, for example 332 x 78, 498 x 117 or 664 x 156. If such a file is specified in the window above, it will automatically be used on the built-in receipts, scaled to 166 x 39 pixels. If not, the space will be blank for a hand-written signature as usual.


The same bitmap signature file is also included in the sample mail merge receipts, and is also automatically scaled to 166 x 39 pixels.


Some users may wish to use a password to govern the generation of receipts, since having the bitmap signature there makes it more of a one-person job that is less desirable from an audit perspective. To set up such a password, use Maintenance ⇒ Change Password ⇒ Receipt Password.


The name of the signing officer is also printed on the receipts - it is entered or updated in the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window.


Different Files for Different Databases


Starting in version 3.30 of DONATION (in which the window above was introduced), it is now possible to have different logo and signature files for different databases, if you create and switch between multiple database for multiple organizations with the Database ⇒ Switch Databases menu option. Just go into the Logo and Signature Images window once for each of your databases, and choose the desired files for each one. They will then be automatically used, as you switch databases.


(Previous versions of DONATION always used the file C:\Program Files\Donation\logo.bmp for the logo, and C:\Program Files\Donation\signatur.bmp for the signature, for all databases, which was much more limiting. When you first upgrade from previous versions of DONATION to version 3.30 or higher, if those files are present, they will be picked up and displayed in the window above, and used on your receipts, but you can then change them if desired.)


Moving the Program to Another Computer


When you move the program to another computer, or just transfer your database to another computer via backup and restore, any logo and signature images you have specified come with the database, so you don't have to do anything special. (The actual files are not transferred, but their contents have been loaded into the database, so you don't have to transfer the files - they will just work.)


Using the Local Network or Web Network Versions of DONATION


If you are using the Local Network Version or Web Network Version, you can set the logo or signature images on any of the computers running it, and then next time you start DONATION on any of the other computers, they will pick up the change.


Notes on using Bitmap Signatures for Canadian Users


The Canada Revenue Agency, on a web page about Computer-generated Receipts, has some regulations about doing this, which DONATION seems to satisfy. However, you may wish to review that page yourself to convince yourself that it is OK.


Inserting Logos and Signatures in other Mail Merge Files


If you are editing mail merge files other than the receipts, which automatically include any logo or signature image you specify in this window, you can insert those images with the editor's Insert ⇒ Logo Image or Insert ⇒ Signature Image menu options. You can also re-insert them on the mail-merge receipts with those menu options, with an option to scale or not scale them to the standard sizes (if they are a different size), after first deleting them there.


Training Video


There is a training video on Using a Logo and Signature bitmap on your Receipts on the Demos and Samples web page, if you would prefer to see this feature demonstrated live, rather than just reading about it. This might be particularly helpful if you have no idea how to go about creating graphics files with the correct dimensions, because it gives a quick introduction to doing that using the Windows Paint program.


Help with Editing your Logo and Signature Files


If you have logo and signature bitmap files, but they aren't the right dimensions, and you don't feel competent to edit them to be the right dimensions (and don't have a friend or colleague who can do so), there's a solution.


You can contact us to get the name and contact information of a graphic artist who will do this editing for you, for a very reasonable price.


Note: Editing these files for you is not something that is included in our usual support that you pay for with your Initial Purchase, Annual Renewal or Lite Support fees.