The Backup/Restore Menu

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The Backup/Restore Menu

The following are the menu options on this menu:


Backup DatabaseCopy a backed-up version of your database, which contains all of your current data, to a USB memory key, writeable CD, or a subdirectory on your hard drive. That backup can be optionally followed by an Internet Backup.


Email BackupEmail a compressed and encrypted backup of your database to any desired email address.


Restore DatabaseBring back a backed-up database from a USB memory key, CD, or subdirectory on your hard drive etc., overwriting (i.e. completely replacing) your current database. Backups are filenames ending in ".S4ABackup". This menu option can also bring back an emailed backup that you have received, with a filename ending in ".S4AEncryptedBackup".


Restore Internet Backup Allows you to restore a backup that you saved to the Software4Nonprofits Internet backup storage area. Not available in the OnDemand version, which does not need or use Internet backups because it is already running on a server.


Restore Non-Backup Database  Allows you to restore an actual copy of the database file (for example OrganizationName.S4A) rather than a backup file (one with a filename ending in ".S4ABackup" or ".S4AEncryptedBackup"), if you don't have an up-to-date backup file.


Backup Frequency and OptionsThis window allows you to set the frequency at which you are reminded to backup your database, and determine how many older backups are stored in your backup location. The reminder frequency defaults to Weekly, and the reminders occur just as you are exiting the program. This window also allows you to set up for Internet Backups.

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