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The Tools Menu

Register OnlineBrings up a Registration window that displays the Organization Info data, and allows you to fill in a few other fields, to submit your registration information to, and thus get onto the mailing list, so you hear about new releases of the program etc.


Check for UpdatesBrings up a window that allows you to check for updates to the program that are newer than your current version. It also allows you to specify whether or not the program should remind you to check for updates monthly. (By default, it does remind you.)


Request or Install

License KeyBrings up the Evaluation and Licensing window in which you can request or install keys for extending your evaluation period (if your ACCOUNTS is an unlicensed evaluation version) or for licensing your installation of ACCOUNTS. If you are already licensed, this shows you that fact and whether or not you are eligible for support and updates, based on the last payment date.
If you have an Internet connection on your computer, and have taken one of several actions that communicates your database's Unique ID to us, updating your license key may happen fairly automatically when you choose this menu option, if you have paid since you last updated your license key.


Explore Data DirectoryBrings up a Windows Explorer or My Computer type window, to view the files in the program's Data Directory (which is in different places depending on your version of Windows).


Explore Temp DirectoryBrings up a Windows Explorer or My Computer type window, to view the files in the user's Temp directory (which is in different places depending on your version of Windows and your login username). This can be useful in certain support situations, because there are various files that the program might put there.
View Saved SettingsAllows you to view all settings saved by the program for later use.


Network Client InformationThis menu option only appears in the Local Network Server version of ACCOUNTS. It displays the server name needed to successfully install the Local Network Client version of ACCOUNTS on other computers in your network, and gives you an option to print that information, or open it in a document in Microsoft Word.
Run Windows CalculatorStarts the standard Windows Calculator application. However, ACCOUNTS also has a built-in Calculator, that can be started from any field for entering a currency amount just by typing any arithmetic operator (+, -, * or /) in it. That will usually be more helpful because it can automatically paste the result of a calculation back into that field.


Turn Debug Mode OnThis menu option lets you temporarily turn what is called "Debug mode" on in the program, if we have asked you to do so. Doing that causes certain debug messages and logging to occur, to help us solve problems you are having.


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