The File Menu

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The File Menu

New DatabaseChoosing this menu option allows you to create a new database for another organization, or restore one.
This menu option is not available in the Remote Database Version - just exit the program and log in again if you have additional databases.


Open DatabaseChoosing this menu option allows you to open another previously created database for another organization. For the Remote Database Version, this only switches a local database from a previous version of ACCOUNTS, not your remote database.


See Switching Databases for details on the previous two options.


Print ChequesGoes to the window for printing cheques from bank accounts.


Print SetupPulls up a standard Print Setup dialog box, which lets you select which printer to print to for reports etc., and if necessary, modify the detailed setup of the current printer by clicking the "Setup ..." button.


ExitExits the ACCOUNTS program (same as pressing Alt+F4 or using the "X" in the top right-hand corner of the window).


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