General Information on Using the Program

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General Information on Using the Program

We will assume that you have a basic familiarity with using Windows programs. There are just a few hints here to avoid common mistakes.


When moving between entry fields on a screen, press Tab to move forward or Shift+Tab (i.e. hold down Shift and press Tab) to move backward. Do not use Enter to move forward, as it will click the current highlighted button (for example Save, assuming changes have been made).

Some fields can hold more than the displayed size of the field indicates. They will automatically scroll left and right as needed to allow you to enter or edit the data.

Some menu options have keyboard shortcuts listed on the menu. For instance, the Help ⇒ Contents and Index menu is equivalent to pressing the key F1. See also the Keyboard Shortcuts help page for further hints.

Some windows, like the main window, the Edit Accounts window, Register windows, Reconciliation details windows etc., can be resized. To do so, click and drag any edge or corner. You can also move these windows by clicking on their title bars and dragging them. When you re-open them the next time, they will be the same size and at the same position as when you last used them.



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