Year End Procedures

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Year End Procedures

This page lists the processes that you might want to do at each year end. (Everything on this Help page applies whether you have a calendar year end, or work on fiscal years.)


Unlike the Software4Nonprofits DONATION program, and many older accounting programs, there are really no required year-end procedures, other than of course whatever reports you want to print.


Some organizations may have certainly technical accrual transactions they need to do at the year end, such as for things like prepaid insurance. These are things your accountant, if you have one, might ask you to do. But probably most small to mid-sized churches, charities and non-profits (the usual users of this program) would not have to worry about such transactions.


Once you have entered all of the transactions for the year, and left enough time to make sure no corrections are needed, make an extra year-end backup of your data with Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database and store it somewhere carefully.


One other step is if you are using budgets, you will want to use the Maintenance ⇒ Budgets menu option to enter the next year's budget.


There is nothing you have to do to ensure that your Income Statements and other similar reports start out empty for the new year - it just works. (If you try to run an Income Statement for a new year before you have entered any transactions at all with dates in that year, you will just get a message like "There is no matching information for this report.")





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