Maintaining your list of Government Forms

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Maintaining your list of Government Forms

Depending on your location (for example Canada or the U.S.A.) you may have various government reporting requirements. The most major requirements for charities are the T3010 form in Canada, and the 990 (and variations) form in the U.S.A.


You edit the specific lines of forms that an account in your chart of accounts is associated with via the Edit button on the Edit Account window. That takes you to the Edit Government Form Lines window. From that window, you can select the "<Add New>" value on the Form drop-down list to get to this window, ready to add another form to the list.


You can also come directly to this window, in order to maintain your list of the names of government forms, via the Maintenance Government Forms menu option.


The window that comes up, in either case, looks like this:




As long as there is at least one form in the list, there will be a pointing hand icon, which points to the current row in the list.


To add a new form, click New, which will put you into a new empty line in the window. (If you come in via the "<Add New>" option, this button will have already been clicked for you.)


To edit an existing form's name, just click into the name and start editing.


To save a new form or edited form name, click Save, or you can click Cancel to cancel any unsaved changes. (Once you start adding or editing a form name, the Save and Cancel buttons are the only ones that can be used.)


To delete the row to which the hand is pointing, click Delete. (You will be asked to confirm.) However, you cannot delete rows that are already in use by government form lines associated with accounts on your chart of accounts.


Click Help to view this help page. Click Close, or press ESC, to close the window.

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