OnDemand Version User Management

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OnDemand Version User Management

Please read the OnDemand Overview section first, if you have not already done so, before reading this section.


With the OnDemand Version, each user of the program should have their own login user name and password.


The first user whose login has been set up by us is always the initial Site Administrator for the OnDemand User Management program. They can use that program to create logins for other users, who can optionally also be set to be Site Administrators for that OnDemand User Management program.


However, with the OnDemand version there are actually two places that users must be set up, and be assigned appropriate permissions:


1.First, the User Management application, accessed from the Software4Nonprofits menu window that comes up immediately after you log in - the same window from which you start ACCOUNTS.

2.Second, the Maintenance ⇒ Administer All Users menu option in the ACCOUNTS program itself, which allows you to specify the permissions of each of those user logins.


Full details about each of those places are given in the remainder of this Help topic.


The user names in the Administer All Users window in ACCOUNTS must be the same as the login user names set in the OnDemand User Management program. This provides what is known as a "single sign-in" capability, where you do not have to have separate logins for the OnDemand Client program and ACCOUNTS itself.


Each user in ACCOUNTS will have one of the following permissions (also called Access Levels):


User Admin w/ Full Access (also called just "ACCOUNTS Administrator"): Can add, delete, and modify the permissions of other users, and use all features of the program.

Full: Can use all features of the program, but is not an Administrator.

Read Only: Can view data and reports etc., but not change any data, enter any type of transactions etc. The same as someone using the Read Only Password in other versions of the program.

No Access: A user who has an OnDemand login to ACCOUNTS in an account that has multiple databases can be given this access level for any databases to which they should not have access.


See Passwords in the Program for more details about most of these permissions, which in other versions of the program are managed by separate passwords (but without using login names).


The same people do not have to be the OnDemand Site Administrators and the ACCOUNTS Administrators, but that will probably most often be the case.


The first user that actually starts the OnDemand version of ACCOUNTS for a given database is always automatically set up with User Admin w/ Full Access permissions (ACCOUNTS Administrator). Subsequent users who start the OnDemand version, if a ACCOUNTS Administrator had not previously set them up with a permission in Maintenance ⇒ Administer All Users, will be automatically set up as with Full permissions. That can be changed with that Maintenance window.


OnDemand User Management


Logins can be added or removed, and passwords can be changed, from the User Management application in the OnDemand client window that is displayed after your initial login - the same one that you start ACCOUNTS from. Only OnDemand Site Administrators, who have been set up as such in that application, can use this program. It is recommended that you have at least two such Site Administrators, in case one is not available.


The User Management application also allows the Site Administrator to determine which Software4Nonprofits programs each user has access to, for our customers who own both ACCOUNTS and DONATION.


The same login information will be used for both programs, if you have access to both ACCOUNTS and DONATION.


Here is a sample of that User Management application's window:




On this window, any user names that have already been set up are in the spreadsheet-like grid. You cannot edit anything directly in the grid.  Use the following buttons along the right edge of the window as follows:





Click this to add a user and specify which Software4Nonprofits programs they can use. Enter their details in the window that comes up, then click the Save button. See below for more details.


Click this to edit a selected user's details in a popup window, including changing which Applications they can access.

You can also change the checkboxes for "Active" (whether they are currently allowed to log in) and "Site Admin" (whether they are a Site Administrator, able to use this User Management application) when you are adding or editing a user.


Click this to delete a selected user.


Click this to reset a selected user's password. This will inform you of the new password, and send an email to that user's displayed Email address on this window, to inform them of it. Just like when you add a new user, they will then have to change it to a password that they choose, after their first login using it.


Here's a sample of the window for editing or adding a new user:




Here is the process when you add a new user with the AddButton  button and click Save:


That will send an email to that user's Email address that you entered, to inform them of their password.  It will come in an email from notifications@ondemandmail.com, with the Subject "Software4Nonprofits OnDemand New User Information".

However, that email does not include their User Name for security reasons! You have to directly inform them of the User Name you give them, and where to find and install the OnDemand client program, using the Download Links at https://software4nonprofits.com/pricing/accounts-cloud/#step-2.

They will then have to change the password they were sent to a password that they choose, after their first login using it.

User Names are not case-sensitive (so they can be entered in upper case, lower case, or any combination) but passwords are case-sensitive (they have to be entered in the exact case they were supplied, or entered when you change them).


Additional Help on this User Management window can be found online in the OnDemand Site Administrator's Guide, so it will not be repeated here. Please keep in mind, however, that parts of the Help there will be referring to programs from ACS Technologies (the company supplying us with the OnDemand services) rather than referring to Software4Nonprofits programs. But the ideas are all the same.


Software4Nonprofits can also access the User Management application if you get stuck. For instance, if there is only one user set up and they forget their password, we can go in and do a password reset for them.


OnDemand Login Passwords


You will be assigned a password when you are initially given your User Name for logging in to the On Demand client. The first time you use it, you will be prompted to change it. You will also be prompted to change it every 180 days. Limitations on what can go into the passwords are explained at https://wiki.acstechnologies.com/display/OnDemand/Complex+Passwords.


If you have forgotten your password, you will have to ask your Site Administrator to reset it for you.


Note: You cannot change your own password, other than when the system prompts you to do so. If you do need to change your password, any other OnDemand user from your organization who is set up as a Site Admin can do so for you. That's one good reason to make sure you have at least 2 users set up, and that at least 2 of them are Site Admins. If that is not an option, we can reset your password for you, but we would ask you to have another user from your organization do so for you if at all possible.


Administering all ACCOUNTS Users


Any user who is a ACCOUNTS Administrator for the current database they are logged into can use the menu option Maintenance ⇒ Administer All Users to bring up the following window in which they can add users, delete users, change users's Access Levels (permissions) and change other fields:




Any other user who is not a ACCOUNTS Administrator can open this window to view the information in it, but cannot make changes in it.


You can change any of the displayed data in this window, except for the Last Active date, which is a record of when that user last logged into ACCOUNTS. The Full Name and Email Address fields are only for your own information, and do not have to be filled in.


You cannot change things so that there are no Administrators (people with the Access Level "User Admin w/ Full Access"). You are allowed to have multiple Administrators.


The program does not have the capability to inform users of any changes made in this window. So you will want to inform them directly about such changes, such as adding them or changing their Access Level.


Any users that you add in this window will still have to download and install the OnDemand Client program from our web page https://software4nonprofits.com/pricing/accounts-cloud/#step-2, if they do not yet have it installed. They will also need to be given a login with the same User Name in the OnDemand User Management program, before they can log in.


Users who have been set up with a login in the OnDemand User Management program, but have not had the same User Name set up in this window, will automatically get Full access in the database when they first start DONATION.


Users of instances of DONATION and/or ACCOUNTS that have multiple databases can have different Access Levels in each one. Such users can be limited to only accessing specific databases, by giving them the No Access access level in the databases to which they should not have access.  


You can delete a user by clicking on the Delete button on their row. You then have to click Save to complete that deletion, or you can click Cancel to cancel it.


WARNING: Deleting a user in this window will not prevent them from running ACCOUNTS, until you also delete them in the OnDemand User Management application. If you are not an OnDemand Site Administrator, you will have to have your organization's Site Administrator do that. Until that is done, if the user you only deleted in the window above tries to run ACCOUNTS, they will be added back to this list with the Full access level!


Managing your own Login


If you are not a Site Administrator, you cannot change your own login in any way, except when the OnDemand client prompts you to change your password.


Site Administrators can use the User Management program to change existing user's recorded first and last names and email addresses, and do password resets. Login User Names, however, cannot be changed. If you want a different User Name, the Site Administrator can just create an additional login for you with the User Management program with the desired name and you can switch to using that. (They may want to then delete your previous User Name.)


See Also: OnDemand Version Overview


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