Passwords in the Program

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Passwords in the Program

In the OnDemand Version of DONATION, users have their own logins and passwords. The following page does not apply to them. (In the OnDemand version, passwords and permissions are administered in two places - see OnDemand User Management for details.)


For all other versions of ACCOUNTS, the following page explains their password capabilities and options.


You can optionally set up a password for entry to your program by using Maintenance ⇒ Change Password ⇒ Program Entry Password. (If you started by restoring a backup, any passwords that had been previously set up will already be present.) That brings up a window such as the following:




The first time you use this menu option (or any of the password setup windows), you need to leave the Current Password field empty, since there is no Current Password. If you have set up a Program Entry Password, you have to enter it (or one of the other passwords mentioned below, if they are set up) on the password window every time the program starts up. It will be displayed as dots as you type it in. If you want to see it as you type it in, you can check the "Make passwords visible rather than dots" checkbox. If you do specify a password, don't forget it! If you do forget it, contact us and we will assist you.


Other Passwords You Can Set Up


Read Only Password:You can set up a password for program entry for users who can view data and reports, but not enter transactions, change any other data, change passwords etc. You do that with Maintenance ⇒ Change Password ⇒ Read Only Password. When the program is entered with that password, all menu options, buttons etc. that are allow changing data in the program are either removed or disabled.


When you are changing the Read Only password, for the Current Password field in the window above, you can either fill in the current password of that specific type, or the current Program Entry password. Either one will allow you to save a change.


Of course, each of the above passwords need to be different from each other!


Internet Backup

   Encryption Password: Finally, you can change a previously used password for the encryption of Internet backups (including those made with the Cloud Storage service) with Maintenance ⇒ Change Password ⇒ Internet Backup Encryption Password. These passwords have to be fairly strong - see Passwords for Email and Internet Backups for details.


Email Backup Password:If you use email backups, another password can be specified to encrypt the database backups you are sending by email, and to decrypt them when you restore those backups. It is prompted for each time you make such backups, or restore them.


If you set up multiple databases for multiple organizations, any passwords that you set up are specific to each database.


If you lose or forget a password, please contact us for assistance. We can help you reset the Program Entry Password, which will then also let you reset any Read Only password. For your security, however, there is no way to recover lost Internet Backup or Email Backup passwords, but you can reset them when you make your next backup.


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