Testing the Program Out

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Testing the Program Out

When you first install the program, you will probably want to test it out to see whether it really suits your needs. This will probably involve at least entering an initial part of your chart of accounts, one or more transactions, and generating sample reports. There are a couple of possible strategies for doing this.


1.Real Data: Enter real data (chart of accounts, transactions etc.), and run reports to verify your entries. If you are satisfied with the program, just continue working on the real data (you don't have to delete anything). This is probably the simplest way to test the program.


2.Fake Data: Enter completely fake data for your testing. When you are satisfied, you can delete all of the transactions that you have entered, using the Database ⇒ Delete All Transactions menu option. This deletes all transactional information, but leaves things like your Chart of Accounts alone.
Alternatively, you can delete absolutely all data and setup information you have entered, using the Database ⇒ Delete All Data menu option. (However, note that this deletes your initial Organization Info and Accounts as well as transactions - you will have to re-enter everything.)
One further alternative is to just start a completely new database with the File ⇒ New Database menu option.


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