Who Are We?

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Who Are We?

Our business is generally referred to as Software4Nonprofits. The website is https://www.Software4Nonprofits.com. Cheques (which are generally no longer accepted!) must be made out to the business name Cooperstock Software!

Who is Dan Cooperstock?

You may be asking yourself, "Who is this Dan Cooperstock, and why did he start a business of providing low-cost software to charities, churches and non-profits?"


Dan is a computer programmer with an M.Sc. In Computer Science and over 35 years working experience. He has worked with PowerBuilder, which was used to create this program, for over 25 years.


Dan is also a Quaker, and has been both Treasurer and Clerk (chair) of his Quaker Meeting's Finance Committee, and chair of the Canada-wide Quaker organization's Finance Committee. Based both on this experience, and his experience writing and supporting the DONATION program since 1999, and the ACCOUNTS program since 2012, Dan has a solid understanding of the financial requirements of a small charitable organization.


DONATION is the other program that Dan Cooperstock has created, and sells through Software4Nonprofits.com. It is used by churches and charities to track their donors and donations and issue charitable receipts.


Dan wrote the original DOS version of the DONATION program when his Quaker Meeting was using a commercial donations package, and he observed several drawbacks of it. He was not able to get the improvements he requested made. He talked to people that were using other packages, and none of them were completely satisfied. He decided that he would write his own program to handle donations, because he knew he could depend on its quality, and he could put in whatever improvements he wanted.


In 1998, Dan rewrote DONATION as a Windows program, and started giving it away for free (and later also accepting voluntary contributions) on the www.FreeDonationSoftware.org web site. It was initially free for a few reasons. The first was just out of a desire to help other charitable organizations and churches with part of their work, without costing them any additional money. Another was that Dan just didn't want the bother of getting into a sideline business as well as his full-time job, and it was satisfaction enough to have his work used and appreciated.


In 2007, Dan took time off from his employment to do another complete rewrite of DONATION, and add a lot of long-requested features. During this time, Dan concluded that he could best serve the charitable sector by working full-time on DONATION, and thus he decided to start charging affordable prices for it, so that he could afford to do so. As part of that change, the domain name was changed from FreeDonationSoftware.org to Software4Nonprofits.com.


In 2012, Dan created the ACCOUNTS program for simple bookkeeping with fund accounting.



Other Staff


Information about our other staff can be found on the About Us page on the website.

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