Screnshots for Tech Support Emails

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Screnshots for Tech Support Emails

When you are contacting us for technical support on a problem you are having in the problem, it can often be helpful to include one or more screenshots for support. A screenshot is an image of the messagebox or screen you need help with.


You can take a screenshot of any single message box or window by pressing Alt+PrtSc (or on some laptops, Fn+Alt+PrtSc). Pressing that doesn't appear to do anything, or make any sound, but it puts that screenshot into the Windows clipboard. You can then paste that directly into an email with Ctrl+V, a right-click and pick Paste from a popup menu, or the Edit -> Paste menu option in your email program. If that doesn't work in your email program, you can instead paste it into a Word document that you can send to us.


Please be sure to use Alt with PrtSc, so it doesn't take a screenshot of your whole Windows screen, and please do not send camera photos - both of those alternatives are generally huge, and much harder for us to read.


If you have any problems following these instructions, you can watch our short video demonstration that is included on the Demos and Samples web page.

This topic was last edited on Mar 24, 2021