Converting Data from Other Programs

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Converting Data from Other Programs

Some organizations may have been using other programs to track their donations, such as general-purpose database programs, commercial donations programs, or spreadsheets like Excel. DONATION currently has a number of different features available for importing existing data from other programs.


These ones are for general importing from data exported from any other program or source of data:


Importing Donors from Excel, Text or CSV Files imports only Donor information from Excel or variously formatted text files, and is the easiest and most flexible option to use. Most users who choose to do importing, if they aren't converting from one of the programs listed below, use this option. This can also automatically import Donor Categories.

Importing Donations or Recurring Donations imports Donation information and Donation Categories from Excel or specially formatted text files.

Importing Donors and Donations from One File explains how to do that if the donor and donation information are both on the same rows of a single file.

Importing Donors and Donations from QuickBooks are instructions for if you have been recording that information in QuickBooks, and have switched from that to DONATION for recording those details.

Importing PAR Donations imports a file of donations from the United Church of Canada's automatic monthly donation withdrawal program, called PAR.

Importing all Data from Other Programs can import Organization Info, Donors, Donations, Donation Categories and Receipts from specially formatted text files, but is quite complex to use. This is only recommended for users who are very comfortable and quite skilled with computers, and for whom the other options are this page are not sufficient.


These ones are for importing from or automatically converting from some other specific programs:


Converting Data from Membership Plus imports Organization Info, Donors, Donations (for the last two working years) and Donation Categories from all known current Windows versions of the Membership Plus program.

Converting Data from GiftWorks imports Organization Info, Donation Categories (what GiftWorks calls funds), Donor Categories (what GiftWorks calls donor types), Donors and Donations (what GiftWorks calls gifts).

Converting data from PowerChurch Plus imports Organization Info, Donation Categories (what PowerChurch calls funds), Donor Categories (Personal Status and Marital Status), Donors (as individuals, not families) and Donations (what PowerChurch calls contributions).

Converting Data from Roll Call imports Donation Categories (what Roll Call calls Funds), Donor Categories (the Association and Family Position options for donors), Donors and Donations.

Importing Data from Viansoft Church Contribution System imports Donors, and optionally also Donations and Donation Categories, exported from that program. However, that program needs to be working, for you to manually export that data from it - it is not possible for DONATION to directly read the data from that program's database files.

Converting Data from Geminon imports Organization Info, Donation Categories (what Geminon calls offering types), Donors (what Geminon calls members) and Donations (what Geminon calls offerings).

Converting Data from Church Assistant imports Organization Info, Donors, Donations (for the current working year) and Donation Categories from the Wincrafters Church Assistant program.


Some users who are converting from another program either will not choose to import the data from it, or will not be able to. In that case, to avoid too much re-typing of data, you would be advised to start using DONATION as close to the beginning of a new year as possible.


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