Deleting a Donor

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Deleting a Donor

To delete a donor, first find them on the list. Then click the Delete button to the right of the Donor Details area. A question will come up confirming that you want to delete them from the list. This would usually only be done in case you discovered a duplicate entry for the same person, or if you were clearing out old donor names that had not given any money for a long time.


Deleting a donor that appears in multiple years of data in the program only deletes it in the current year. Other years will be unaffected.


Please note that there is an automatic technique for clearing out old donors who have not given recently when you use Maintenance ⇒ Change Year to start a new year's donations. See below under Year End Procedures.


You are not allowed to delete a donor that has donations recorded for them in the current year. If recording those donations for this donor was truly an error, you will have to delete the donations first then delete the donor. However, if the donation(s) you need to delete have a receipt number, meaning that they have been included in a receipt, you will not be able to delete the donor, because you also can't delete donors who have receipts in the current year, even if all of the donations included in that receipt are deleted. (If the receipts were created in error and never sent to the donor(s), you may be able to first delete the receipts, then delete the donation(s), then the donor.)


If you chose an option on the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options to display further years of donations on the main window, and the selected donor has displayed donations in other years (but none in the current year) you can delete it. You will receive a message explaining that this does not affect the donor in other years.

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