Editing a Donor



Editing a Donor

Once you have found a donor, you can edit their information (to fix spelling, change address etc.). Just click into any of the fields in the Donor Details area and start making changes.


You will notice that as soon as you start making changes to the donor, the Donor Details area expands downwards if necessary, so that you do not have to scroll it to enter all of the fields. The Donations area also disappears (though only if the Donor Details area would otherwise be overlapping it). This will change back when you finish editing the donor's information.


Just as when you are entering a new donor, press Enter or F10 to save the changes, or ESC if you wish to cancel your changes. (You can't do anything else in the program until you choose one of those two options to finish editing.)


See also Entering a New Donor for details on the various fields that you can edit, and for tricks and tips on editing them.