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The Help Menu

Contents and IndexInitially shows the Index tab for this Help file, which allows you to search for all topics in the Help. You can switch from there to the Contents tab, if you want to browse by general subject areas.


Search by Topic or

 KeywordThis just brings up a messagebox giving you instructions for how to do that, but it also has buttons that take you either to the Help file where you can use the Index for searching, or to the How to Use Help help page for further instructions.


How to Use HelpShow help on using Windows help files, if you are not familiar with them.


Help on …Changes its text (and effect) to show the help appropriate to the current section of the main window, or the previous top-bar menu that you pulled down.

Training Videos

 on the WebGoes to the Demos and Samples page on the program's web site. That page has both introductory and in-depth training videos on it that you can watch.


Quick StartGo straight to the Startup Options page in this help file.


Technical Support

 InformationGo straight to the page on Technical Support in this help file, that explains the various options you have for support.



 Another ComputerGo straight to the help page Move the Program from One Computer to Another, to learn how to do that.


Revision HistoryGo straight to the page on Revision History – Latest Version in this help file, to read about the most recent changes to the release of the program that you currently have installed.
To see the revision history for the most up to date release of the program, which may be newer than what you have installed, go to the Tools ⇒ Check for Updates window and use the View Updated Features button, which takes you to the current web version of this same Help page.



 Web SiteUse an Internet browser to connect to the main web page on the DONATION program (requires that you be connected to the Internet).


Email Use your Windows default email program, or a plain-text email form with the program. to send an email to us at (The first option requires you to be using a standard email program like Outlook, Outlook Express, the Windows 10 Mail application, or Thunderbird. If you use only web-based email like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Gmail, just send an email to yourself, or use the 2nd option, the plain-text form in the program.)


View License AgreementDisplays the Software License Agreement for DONATION in a web browser window, which also allows you to print it.


About DONATION ...Gives some information about the author of this program, and tells you which version of it you are using.


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