Using the Popup Calendar to Enter Dates

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Using the Popup Calendar to Enter Dates

In the Donation Date field, and in some other date fields, there is a calendar button to the right of the field. Clicking that button brings up a calendar control.


You can use that calendar to enter a date. Alternatively, you can type the date right into the field, then (if you wish) pop up the calendar just to check that it is the date you intended. For instance, if you have entered a date "05/06/2019", you might be unsure whether that was May 6, or June 5. Popping up the calendar would make that clear. Press ESC to make the calendar go away.


If you prefer to use the mouse to select dates and navigate in the calendar, just click on a desired date in the calendar and it will be put back into the Date field. The calendar will also close at that point. If you aren't in the right month, click on the arrow images to the left and right of the month and year at the top of the calendar to move to the previous or next month, respectively.


You can also use the keyboard to change the date: PgUp moves to the previous month; PgDn moves to the next month. The up and down arrow keys move to the previous or next week respectively. The left arrow key moves to the previous day, and the right arrow key moves to the next day. Pressing Enter on your desired date selects that date, just like clicking on it.


Press ESC to close the calendar without making a selection. You can also close the calendar without making a selection by clicking the same popup button again, or clicking back in the date field, or in most other places on the same window.


Note: Most users who are touch typists will actually find that it is faster to just type dates into the Date field, and never use the popup calendar. But many users do like to use a calendar, to be sure they are entering the correct date. There are also many helpful keyboard shortcuts in the Date field itself.

This topic was last edited on Mar 23, 2023