Overview of Abundant Online Donations

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Overview of Abundant Online Donations

DONATION has an option of being quite tightly integrated with the Abundant online donation system, that allows your donors in Canada or the U.S.A. to donate via a web page, via texts from a smart phone (which take you to a web page on your phone) or via a smart phone application.


Note: The Abundant online donations features are not available with the free Lite version of DONATION.


If you currently use another vendor for processing online donations, and do not wish to switch to (or add) Abundant, please see Importing Donors and Donations for information about importing data from other such systems.


Abundant is a product of the church software vendor ACS Technologies (ACST), with whom we have a partnership for sharing some technology such as this. Behind the scenes, Abundant uses the processing company Vanco to process credit and debit card transactions, and ACH transactions in the U.S.A. The credit card processing fees that Abundant charges are very competitive, and there is no sign-up fee. There are no monthly fees for users in the U.S.A. - Canadian users pay $30/month. Cooperstock Software / Software4Nonprofits receives a very small percentage of the processing fees.

The integration of DONATION with Abundant includes:

Initial setup of your account, which includes setting up a merchant account for accepting credit cards etc. with Vanco

Determining the list of donation categories that your donors can donate to through Abundant as a selection of the categories in DONATION

Importing daily files of Abundant transactions into DONATION

Exporting bank deposit transaction information based on those Abundant transactions, for importing in the Software4Nonprofits bookkeeping program ACCOUNTS, or QuickBooks, or printing them for manual entry into other bookkeeping programs.

Note: The merchant account setup by Vanco for users in Canada currently (as of early 2021) takes 4-6 weeks. Work is underway to reduce that time.

The merchant account setup for user in the U.S.A. generally only takes a few business days.

Abundant is only available to users in Canada and the U.S.A.

Initial Setup

Your first step is to use the Maintenance ⇒ Setup Abundant Online Donations menu option to bring you to this window:


Clicking the button for Step 1: Submit Organization Info and Contact Person brings up the following window:


You will need to review the information here and fill in anything that is missing or incorrect. The greyed-out uneditable fields, as well as many of the editable fields, are taken mostly from Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info in the program, with the Country taken from your settings in Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options. So if those settings do not appear to be correct, you can Cancel this window and go back and correct them in those other places. The City, Prov/state and Postal Code fields are extracted from the last Address field in the Organization Info field as well as is possible - you can correct them if they are not correct. Be sure to carefully select the name and Email address of the Primary Contact Person. (We recommend removing any position title, such as "Treasurer" in the screen shot above, from the Name field.)

Once you are satisfied with the contents of the window, click OK to submit it to Abundant. Assuming that submission is successful, the button on the first setup window for Step 2: Select and Submit Donation Categories ... becomes enabled. When you click it, your normal Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories window appears, with one new column added with checkboxes for whether to include them in the categories that Abundant donors can donate to. Here's an example, with some of them checked:


Check the Abundant column for each of your categories that you want to be available (which could be all of them, but must be at least one of them), and click Save. The Save will both save them in the DONATION database, and transmit them to Abundant.

This is the only way that your list of donation categories in Abundant can be managed - from this window. Once the initial Abundant setup has been done, any use of the Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories menu option will include the new Abundant checkbox column, and Saves in this window will always be transmitted to Abundant.

Once you are finished this step, the Step 3: Online Setup and Administration of Abundant button will become enabled. Clicking it takes you to the Abundant website to complete your setup, which includes creating a vendor account with the back-end processing company Vanco. That setup usually takes a few days after you submit everything, after which you will be informed that it is completed. (The Vanco setup unfortunately currently takes 4-6 weeks for Canadian users, though work is underway to reduce that.)

On the Abundant website, you will also find out (and be able to change) the URL (web address) for your donors to go to to donate, and the code to be used for donations by text.

For direct access to further administration web pages on the Abundant website, you can use the Maintenance ⇒ Abundant Configuration Web Pages sub-menu options Giving Forms, Gifts, Batches, Scheduled Gifts, Accounts, Funds, and Settings. Each of those goes to the appropriate setup page for that aspect of your Abundant online donation system. This sub-menu only appears once you have completed Step 2 above.

For some videos on Abundant setup, go to https://giving.acstechnologies.com/abundant. Please note, however, that some of those videos are specifically about the integration of Abundant with ACS Technologies' own program ACS, rather than with DONATION. But there is still a lot of helpful, relevant information there.

For Help documentation on the Abundant user interface, setup and administration, go to https://wiki.acstechnologies.com/display/ACSDOC/Abundant+for+Administrators. Again, this document has references to ACS Technologies' own program ACS, but much of it is still relevant.

One feature that you will see mentioned in some of those resources is the ability to prompt donors to add a small amount to help cover processing costs. To keep things simpler, that option has not been included for users of DONATION.

For resources about Abundant to add to your website, to hand out to your members or donors about how to donate, etc., go to https://givingresources.acst.com/abundant-home/.

See Also: Importing Abundant Online Donations and Abundant Bank Deposits

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