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The Receipt Menu


Current Donor OriginalPrint or view a receipt for all unreceipted but receiptable donations for the currently selected donor.


Current Donor Original

 Quick PrintJust like Current Donor Original, but immediately prints the receipt to your default printer and closes the receipt-viewing window, without letting you look at it first. The only messaging is to tell you the receipt number and that it has sent it to your default printer. This is particularly useful for high-pressure situations in which you have to do a lot of data entry of individual donations and create each receipt immediately after making the entry.


Current Donor

 Duplicate/CorrectedPrint one duplicate or corrected receipt, for the currently selected donor, for the receipt number of the currently selected donation (which must be listed with a receipt number in the Donations area of the main window).


Current Donor SamplePrint a sample receipt for all unreceipted but receiptable donations for the currently selected donor. It will have "SAMPLE ONLY" written in the background on the receipt, and will not save any receipt information back to the database.


 by NumberPrint a duplicate or corrected receipt. You enter the receipt number in a dialog box, rather than having to be pointing to it as in Current Donor Duplicate/Corrected.


Reprint RangeReprint original (or duplicate or corrected) receipts. You enter the starting and ending receipt numbers in a dialog box, then it redisplays them on the screen and allows you to print them, optionally marked as Duplicate/Replacement or Corrected.


All DonorsPrint or view receipts for all unreceipted but receiptable donations for all donors.


Filtered DonorsPrint or view receipts for selected donations or donors, based on several criteria that you can enter in a dialog box, for example the minimum donation amount.
Delete RangeDeletes a range of receipt numbers, for receipts created in error and not yet sent to the donors. You enter the starting and ending receipt numbers to delete in a dialog box.

Unreceipted Donations

 ReportProvides another way to access Reports ⇒ Donation ⇒ Unreceipted, to see which donations are currently receiptable but not yet receipted this year. For Canadian users, this also has a Notes column that contains "Missing Description" for any donations (Gifts in Kind, or donations with Advantage) that need a description to be printed on the receipt, but don't have one.


In the above options, to properly understand which donations are "receiptable", please see Non-Receiptable Donors and Donations.


Also, for Canadian users, the options on this main-level Receipt menu (except for Delete Range) ignore all donations whose Cheque # / Paid By value is "Gift in Kind". See Gifts in Kind for more details. Also, the following menu option then appears on this menu:


Gift in Kind ReceiptsThis menu option brings you to the Gift in Kind Receipts sub-menu, used for creating receipts for Gift in Kind donations for Canadian users. It does not appear unless the option mentioned in the previous paragraph is selected.


See Generating Charitable Receipts for more details on the entries in this menu.


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