The Reports Administrative Sub-Menu

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The Reports Administrative Sub-Menu

This page lists all of the options on the Reports ⇒ Administrative sub-menu. They can also be run by using the Report Browser and drilling down into the ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS.


Like almost all other reports, they can be run from an automated reports script. Instructions for the arguments needed to do so from a reports script are included below the description of each report. The Name= argument for each one is always taken from the choices you drill-down through to find that report in the Report Browser.


The Reports Administrative sub-menu includes any reports that are not really about data in the program, but rather about administrative information.


These reports are not available to Limited Users.


User Login HistoryLists all dates and times that any user logged on or off of the program, in descending date order (latest first), for any selected range of dates (not necessarily in the current year).
To run this from an automated reports script, the arguments to RunReport() are:
Name= Administrative Reports -> User Login History
DateRange=, or StartDate= and EndDate= (see here for more details)


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