Reinstalling DONATION

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Reinstalling DONATION

For various reasons you may need to reinstall DONATION on a computer, when you have previously been using it on another computer, but that other computer is no longer available. Most commonly that would be if your computer died and was replaced or had its hard disk repaired or replaced.


Note: The steps are much simpler for the OnDemand version than for most other versions - see Move the OnDemand Version for details.


More steps are usually needed if the old computer running DONATION is still available. See Move the Program from One Computer to Another for instructions in that case.


As long as you are up to date on your payments for DONATION, or are using the free legacy Lite version, there is no charge for reinstalling - the program is licensed to your organization, not merely for a specific individual or computer.


To reinstall the program, you will need to follow a few steps:


1.You need to know which named version of DONATION you were running on the old computer, or that you want to choose now. If you aren't sure, you can consult the Version Comparison page on the website to understand the differences, or contact Support to ask us what version our records indicate you were running. The named versions are Standard or Standalone, Lite, Local Network Server, Local Network Client and OnDemand.
2.Download the appropriate named installation program for your version of DONATION from the DOWNLOAD page on the program's web site.
Run that downloaded installation program to install DONATION on this new computer.
3.Run DONATION. As long as you have a regular backup or emailed backup (see below) available when you first run the newly installed DONATION program, when its first Startup Options window prompts you to answer whether you are a new user, or a returning user with a backup, you can select that second radio button option. That will allow you to restore that backup. (See Startup Options for details.)


4.If you were using the Database ⇒ Switch Databases menu option to handle multiple databases on the same computer, you will also have to restore backups of all of your other database files, named DONATION4.something.GBK, DONATION-YYYY-MM-DD.something.GBK, or DONATION-YYYY-MM-DD.HH.MM.SS.something.GBK, to the new computer.
In addition, you would first have to use Database ⇒ Switch Databases to set up new databases on the new computer with your additional database extensions, and then you can restore the transferred databases.
5.If you are using a paid version of DONATION (not the free Lite version), you need to request the license key(s) for your database(s), if you don't already have current one(s), and install them. See below for details.
6.If you are using a paid version of DONATION (not the free Lite version), and you plan to do any emailing from the program, e.g. of backups, or receipts or mail-merge letters, do the following. Go to the Maintenance ⇒ Email Sending Configuration window, and if the configuration isn't already there and correct, configure it appropriately (the same on the new computer as on the old computer if it's for the same person, using the same email address, or as appropriately for the program user's email if not).
7.If a new user is taking over the program, they should email their full name, email address and phone number to us at, so we can update the mailing list. Please also let us know whether the new user should replace the old one on the mailing list, or be added as a 2nd contact. When the program prompts you to register, as long as your organization has ever registered before (i.e. someone is on our mailing list), you can answer "Already Registered".
8.If the new user will also be the new person signing the charitable receipts, they need to change the Receipting Person field in the Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window to show their name. If you wish to use a bitmap signature on the receipts (required, if you will be emailing receipts), and it is for a new person, follow the instructions under Logos and Signatures to install a new scanned signature for the new user.


That's it. The new computer should now have a copy of DONATION that is identical to the one on the old computer. Just continue your work on the new computer.


Note on Software Licensing


When you have DONATION installed on two computers for the same organization, you can apply the same License Key to both of them. See the section on Software Licensing and Evaluation for more details on License Keys.


If you don't have a copy of your license key saved, just re-request your license key from the Evaluation and Licensing window that comes up when you start the program. We will send it to you, as long as you have paid in the last 12 months. There is no additional charge for this, because as mentioned above, the license is for your organization, not per user or per computer.


The free Lite version does not use or need a license key.


If you are using a paid version of DONATION and have not paid within the last 12 months, you will need to first pay your Annual Fes in order to be eligible for your license key.


Using Emailed Backups


Instead of using regular backups, that were created with Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database, you may instead have a backup created with Backup/Restore ⇒ Email Backup. You then restore it with either a checkbox option on the initial startup window (under the radio box for "I want to start by restoring a database backup ...", or after your initial setup as a new user, by using the Backup/Restore ⇒ Restore Emailed Backup menu option.


Using Internet Backups


If the only backup you have access to is an Internet backup made from the other computer, it is possible to restore it, as long as you have a copy of the Unique ID that was used for those backups, and you know the Internet backup encryption password that was used. If you do not have the Unique ID for Internet backups, contact Support to ask for it - as long as the previous user accepted the suggestion made when they configured Internet backups to email it to us, we will have a copy of it. We will not have a copy of your password!


You can restore an Internet backup on the initial window that comes up when you run DONATION for the first time (see Startup Options), by choosing the 3rd radio button option, "I want to restore an Internet backup ...". If you miss that chance and instead start up as a new user, then once you get to the main window of the program, with its menu, you can select Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Frequency and Options to configure Internet backups with your Unique ID and Internet backup encryption password. After that, you can restore the latest Internet backup with Backup/Restore ⇒ Restore Internet Backup.


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