Titles in Donor Names

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Titles in Donor Names

Releases of DONATION prior to 4.18 (released in August 2019) did not have a separate field for the title that some people use as part of their name, as in "Mr. John Smith".


The reason for that was largely historic - the original author of the program, Dan Cooperstock, is a Quaker, and wrote the program originally only for his Quaker Meeting. Quakers have a historic testimony (religious-based practice) of not using titles with names, because often they indicated rank or status, and the more general Quaker testimony of equality (the view that we are all of equal worth in the eyes of God) conflicts with that.


Starting in release 4.18 there is a separate Title field for names, though it can be hidden with a checkbox in the "Show Fields" section of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window.


And also starting in that release, there is a checkbox "Include Title in Names in Letters and Receipts" in that same window. If it is checked, Titles will automatically be included in all receipts, all mail-merge letters, when Emailing Newsletters or Everyone, and also in the two statement-like reports, Reports Donation Details, One Page per Donor and Category Totals, One Page per Donor.


Additional fields including Titles were also added to Custom Reports as part of the same release.

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