ACCOUNTS Software Video Demos and Samples

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The following demos are hosted on YouTube. After you click on a video to start playing it, you can click on a control, usually in their bottom right corner, to maximize them to fill your screen.

If you have suggestions for other ACCOUNTS training videos, please contact us.

Please note that while some of these videos are several years old, ACCOUNTS is being regularly improved and updated based on user suggestions and any changes in government requirements. The bulk of the features in the videos are unchanged since they were recorded. For a full list of recent changes in the program, please see the Revision History page in the online version of the program’s Help file.

Note: The videos on this page only give brief overviews of features in the program. For comprehensive information on all features, you need to use the Help file included with the program. You can also access an online version of that same Help HERE.

Introductory Demo Videos on ACCOUNTS Software

The following very short video demostrates taking a screenshot of a messagebox or window in the program, for sending to us for technical support purposes. The example windows are from our DONATION program but the technique is identical for any program.

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Help Pages Relevant to the Introductory Demo Videos on ACCOUNTS

Startup Options, including Passwords
Startup Accounts Window
Accounting Concepts
Regular Operating Procedures (the Main Window) This page also has links to the Help pages on all of the main features accessed from the Main Window.

In-Depth Training Videos on ACCOUNTS Software

The following video is only relevant for users of the OnDemand version of the program. The example it shows uses our DONATION program but applies equally to the ACCOUNTS program.

Help Pages Relevant to the In-Depth Training Videos on ACCOUNTS Software

Filtering Reports

The DONATION program’s Demos and Samples page has two videos on Filtering Reports that also apply to ACCOUNTS. The first one shows how the newer Simple Filter window works in release 4.15 or later of DONATION and release 2.24 or later of ACCOUNTS. The second shows the older method in earlier versions of either program. While the samples shown are all DONATION reports, the concepts are all the same.

Filtering Reports (this is the Help for the new Simple Filter window in ACCOUNTS release 2.24)

Sample Screen Images for ACCOUNTS Software

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