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Note: If you own, or wish to evaluate, both DONATION and our other program ACCOUNTS, you do not have to install more than one of the OnDemand clients below. Both programs can be run from one client.

If you are in a country other than Canada or the U.S.A., you may not initially be able to download or use the OnDemand software. Please contact us if this is an issue for you and we can explain how that can be arranged.

Click on your operating system below to get your download link and instructions:

Click here to download. No special instructions are required for this Windows version.

This works on Windows 8.1 or higher.

If the program asks you for a Host Address (which normally is not required), enter:

Click here to download. After you run that, you need to drag the S4NP OnDemand icon into your Applications folder for it to work. When you then run it from the Appliations folder, the first thing that comes up is a window that says “Welcome to S4NP OnDemand”, on which you have to click a GO button. Then the login window comes up.

If the program also asks you for a Host Address, enter:

In the Play Store for Android, or App Store for iOS, search for the GO-Global app. It will come up with an app by that name, from Graphon Corporation. Install that.

When you then run that app, use the Add Connection button to create a new connection. Enter the following:

  • Address:
  • Description: whatever you want to call it
  • User name and Password: enter these if have them and want to be logged in automatically
  • Auto Launch: s4npmenu

Then you can Save that, and Connect.

To ensure a seamless payment experience, we process all payments through Stripe. When you register for the program, the welcome email will include payment links. If you cannot find that email, please contact us.

Stripe offers the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH from your bank account (for U.S. users)
  • PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) from your bank account (for Canadian users)
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