Maintaining your List of Bills

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Maintaining your List of Bills

There are two ways of handling bills in ACCOUNTS. You can enter bills for later payment, with the Actions Enter Bills menu option or Enter Bills quick link, or the Actions Bill List menu option or Bill List quick link, or you can record immediate payments to them with the Actions Write Cheques menu option or Write Cheques quick link, or on a register window, for example one for a bank account or a credit card.


If you use Actions Bill List, or the Bill List quick link on the main window, the following window will come up:




The window can be resized, by clicking and dragging any edge or corner. (However, you will probably mostly only want to make it taller or shorter.)


The controls at the top of the window determine which bills are shown. The window initially comes up showing bills for all vendors. You can drop down the "Show Vendor(s)" drop-down to select only one vendor, to see their bills. You can also just start typing the name of a Vendor and it will come up, via autocomplete. (Vendors that are marked as "Hidden" will show up in italics on this list.)


You can check the "Include Paid Bills" checkbox to have it show all paid bills for all or your selected vendor. And if you check "Show only one year", only bills with due dates no earlier than one year before today's date are show. The states of both of these checkboxes are remembered between uses of this window.


The main area in the middle of the window shows all selected bills, in order by their due date, with the bill's Reference # (if any), the total amount of the bill, and the amount paid on the bill so far (if there were partial payments, or if you are also showing paid bills).


To add a new bill, click New. See Creating and Editing Bills for full details.


To edit an existing bill, make sure it is highlighted on the list, then click Edit, or double-click on the bill in the list, or press Enter. Any of those actions will bring up the Edit Bill window. Make your desired entries or changes, then click Save or Cancel to return to this window.


To delete a bill that was entered in error, make sure it is highlighted on the list, then click Delete. You cannot delete a bill on which you have already made payments. However, in the very unusual case where both the payment and the bill were entered in error, you could delete the payment, and then delete the bill.


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