Editing Organization Info

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Editing Organization Info

You use the following Maintenance ⇒ Organization Info window to edit the general information about your organization. You are always put into this window the first time you use the program, or when you create an additional new empty database and use it for the first time.




The Organization Name should be the official name of your organization. It will be printed at the top of all reports.


The File Name field is only editable when you are initially creating a new database for a new organization, and will be initially based on what you enter in the Organization Name field (with any special characters that are illegal in Windows file names removed). Whatever is there, with the ".S4A" extension as shown, will be the file name for your database. It will also form the base part of backup filenames etc.


Enter the Address fields and Phone number of your organization exactly the way you would like them to appear on any reports that will be printed from the program that include those fields. (Currently there are no such reports!)


The Country field identifies your country. When you are first setting up a new database for a new organization, it determines what sample charts of account options will be available in the Startup Accounts window (which is displayed after this one). See below for the Paper Size field.


Charitable # is your organization's charitable registration number (or business number). For U.S. users you may optionally enter your Tax ID / EIN here. However, the program does not currently use this information in any way.


If your organization's fiscal year is different from the calendar year, you can change the Fiscal Year Start month and day here as well. For instance, if your fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31, set the start month to June and the start day to 1. This affects fiscal year reporting. Please see Fiscal Years in ACCOUNTS to better understand this.


Press Enter or click the OK button on this window to save your changes. Pressing ESC or clicking the Cancel button reverts back to the unedited version of the Organization Information.


Note on Changing your Organization Name


The software licensing in ACCOUNTS is by Organization Name. So, if you already have a license key for ACCOUNTS, and you change the name of your organization via the Organization Name field in this window, you will get a couple of messages saying that the new Organization Name is being written into the license key file, so that you will still be licensed for it. Please also email us to inform us of any significant changes to your Organization Name, for our records.


Users who are still in their initial evaluation period do not have or need licenses, so this is not an issue.


Changing the Paper Size


For users in a country other than Canada or the U.S.A., the A4 paper size may be the default. If that is your paper size, you can set it with the Paper Size drop-down option in this window. You cannot set A4 paper if your country is Canada or the U.S.A.


For Canada and the U.S.A., you can choose between Letter and Legal size paper.


This setting will affect all reports.


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