Technical Support

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Technical Support

There are three ways that we would recommend for resolving problems with the ACCOUNTS program, and to answer questions about it:


1.Read the Manual: Yes, we know many people hate reading manuals or help files. However, many of the questions we get asked can indeed be answered by carefully reading or searching in the manual or this help file. The help file has exactly the same contents as the manual. Don't forget that you can search in the help using the Index or Search tabs. (You get to the Help via the Help Contents & Index quick link or Help ⇒ Contents and Index menu option on the main window, or the Help button on virtually every other window in the program.)


2.Check the FAQs: There is a Frequently-Asked Questions page on the web site, at


3.Email us directly, using the Contact Information below.  Please send as much detail about possible about your problem, with screenshots where appropriate. Please do not send camera photos for screenshots: they are enormous attachments and often very hard to read. Click here for instructions on screenshots.


We have found that email almost always works better than phone, for several reasons. First, you don’t have to catch us at a given time. Second, it is better for handling details, especially if there are a lot of details in our reply to you - you will have them in writing, to work through. And finally, with email we both have a record of the conversation, which we can look back on later if necessary. For this reason, only email support is included in with standard payments.


Support Policies


Personal support by email is only available to users in organizations who have paid for the program or purchased an annual support and updates renewal within the last year, or are still in their initial 60-day evaluation period plus grace period for the paid versions.


When you inform us of problems or have questions, we have the following policies, in order to optimize the use of our resources and give you the most efficient and effective support:


1.We reserve the right to first ask you to read a relevant Help topic or web page that we recommend, if you have not already done so, and try the instructions included in it. If that does not work, you can get back to us and let us know where you are stuck.


2.We ask you to send us your problem or question by email, with appropriate screenshots where relevant, and we will normally respond by email, rather than doing support over the phone.

3.If you do phone us, you will almost always have to leave a message, and we will generally answer you by email.


4.If we decide that it would be more effective to answer you by phone, we will do so. We can also use remote control sessions to see what is happening on your computer, if we feel that would be a more effective way to resolve your problem than email.


ACCOUNTS support cannot replace your accountant!


It is important to understand that while we can advise you on how to use the program to enter your transactions, get your reports, etc., we cannot advise you on what transactions you should be making, which reports you should use for which purposes, etc. It is your accountant's job to give you that advice, and it would be a major liability issue for us to do so!


Maximum Two Business Day Response Time for ACCOUNTS Support


You should expect a reply to your emails within 1-2 business days. Please be sure to check your spam folders.


Contact Information


You may contact us in any of the following manners:


(Recommended): (You can also send an email to this address by using the Help ⇒ Email menu option.)






16192 Coastal Highway

Lewes DE 19958, U.S.A.


We hope that the program is so simple that there should be very few problems that this help file / manual and a bit of experimenting will not solve.


Please be sure to report any bugs you feel you find in the program to us, and we will try to fix them (if we agree that they are bugs!) within a reasonable period of time. We would also be pleased to hear enhancement requests, to add or improve features. We do not promise to add any such requests to the program though, only to consider them.


ACCOUNTS Support Exceptions


There are various things that are not included in our standard support, which you are eligible for because you are either still in the evaluation period for the program, or have paid in the last 12 months. For the unusual few things that we do not consider to be reasonably included in our standard support, we will ask you to pay an hourly rate if you need assistance.


Examples of things that would not be included in our standard support include (but are not limited to):


Creating your own reports with SQL via the Database ⇒ SQL Select window, or with an external SQL-based report designer.

Significant accounting questions that should be answered by your accountant. (We would not do those regardless, whether or not you were willing to pay.)

Designing your own transaction import files.

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