What Doesn't ACCOUNTS Do?

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What Doesn't ACCOUNTS Do?

ACCOUNTS is not trying to have all of the features of mass-market accounting programs. Rather, it is focussed on supplying special features (especially fund accounting) that will be of benefit to small to mid-sized churches, charities and other non-profits, and enough other features to make it usable by a reasonable percentage of those organizations.




ACCOUNTS does not have an inventory module, for tracking inventory that you have on hand. (Most smaller non-profits don't sell things, and thus don't need to track inventory.)


Accounts Receivable


ACCOUNTS does not have an Accounts Receivable module, which would be used for tracking customers (for example if you had associated businesses), entering invoices you issue, entering payments against those invoices, etc.


Of course, there is nothing stopping you from entering transactions directly against an Accounts Receivable account in your chart of accounts.


Some non-profits using only a competitor's accounting program use its Accounts Receivable module to track donors and their donations. We recommend instead using our DONATION program for recording that information, and issuing the charitable receipts. It can export summary bank deposit information for importing into ACCOUNTS.




ACCOUNTS does not do payroll calculations. As a tiny business, it is unfortunately not realistic for Software4Nonprofits to learn and keep up with all of the payroll rules for each major country we sell to (the U.S.A. and Canada), not to mention differences by state and province within those countries.


What we do instead, for those organization that require payroll, is recommend affordable online 3rd-party payroll systems. Each of the systems we recommend has the ability to export a file containing either summary or individual transactions for one payroll, which can be imported into ACCOUNTS.


See the Recommended Products and Services web page for our specific recommendations.


If you are in Canada and wish to do your own calculations, the Canada Revenue Agency has a simple online calculator for provinces other than Quebec here.


See also: Payroll Samples help page.


Multiple Currencies


There is no support for having different accounts (for example bank accounts) in different currencies in ACCOUNTS. So it is not recommended to use it if you have such accounts that you need to track for your organization, because everything will be treated as being of the same value (no exchange rates are taken into account).


Upcoming Features


While they are not in ACCOUNTS yet, the following are some features that will most likely be added at some point:


Setting up additional users, each with their own password, within each database


The following are some possible features, that are under consideration, and may or may not be added in the foreseeable future:


Graph-style reports, like income and expense pie charts

The ability to make some unneeded features invisible.



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