Changing the Date of Donations

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Changing the Date of Donations

With the Database Change Date of Donations menu option, you can change all donations on one specified date in your current working year to have a different specified date. (Of course, you can always change the date of individual donations, as long as they have not yet been receipted, on the program's main window.)


Most commonly this action would be needed if you had used the File One Date Batch Entry menu option to enter a batch of donations with one date, and then you realized that you entered them all with the wrong date.


Selecting Database Change Date of Donations brings up a small window on which you specify the From date (the one that the donations are currently listed with) and the To date (the one you want to change them to).


The From date that you enter has to be within the current working year, which is a calendar year unless you are in a country like the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand and you are Using Fiscal Data Entry and Receipting, and you are working on a fiscal year.


The To date can be in the same or a different working year.


Click OK to make the change. The program will then ask you to confirm that you want to do this action. After you confirm, it makes the requested change in the dates, and tells you how many donations were affected.


Note: It is possible that some of the donations whose dates you are changing have already been included in receipts. If this is the case, the program will also prompt you about whether or not to change the status of those receipts to CORRECTED RECEIPT, so that you can re-send the receipts to the donors, with the corrected date shown. However, if the To date is in a different working year, moving receipted donations is not allowed.

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