Deleting a Donation

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Deleting a Donation

Sometimes you might need to delete a donation, for instance if you had entered it in error, or for the wrong person, or maybe where the cheque bounced.


To delete a donation, first find the donor. Once you have found it, click into any of its fields (say the Amount). Then click the Delete button above the Donations area (to the right of the text "Donations for Name" - shown in yellow in the image below). Alternatively, you can right-click on a field in the desired donation, and pick Delete from the popup menu.


A question will then come up confirming that you want to delete that donation from the list.




Note: It does not work to just delete the contents of the Amount field, or change them to zero, and try to Save that change - the program won't let you save a donation row with no Amount. If you have tried this and gotten an error message about it, just click Cancel to cancel the change, then delete the row as indicated in the previous paragraphs.


It also does not work to click into the partly blank row at the top of the list of donations, which is the row used for entering a new donation, and try to "find" donations by changing the date, or entering an amount, etc. That does not "find" anything - that row can only be used to enter new donations. As soon as you change anything in that row, the Save and Cancel buttons become active, to either save that as a new donation, or cancel adding it as a new donation. No deleting of past donations is possible by using this row!


Deleting Prior Year Donations


There are options on the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options that allow you to see not just the current year's donations on the main window, but also additional years. However, donations from other years cannot be deleted in the current working year. To delete them, you need to first change to the year of the donation(s) you want to delete, with the Maintenance ⇒ Change Year menu option.


Deleting Receipted Donations


You are allowed to delete donations that have already been receipted (they have a value in the Recpt # field). Of course this should be done only in very unusual circumstances, for instance if you issued a receipt without waiting to see if a cheque was NSF, and then it came back NSF, and you could not get the donor to re-issue a good cheque.


(Mere corrections needed in a receipted donation probably do not require you to delete the donation and re-enter it - that can now be done with the Correct button.)


When you click into a field in the row for a receipted donation, the field will not be highlighted, and the cursor will not go into the field. However, the pointing hand at the left will change to point to that row, showing that it is selected and can now be deleted with the Delete button.


There will be a 2nd confirmation question asked before you are allowed to confirm the deletion of a receipted donation.


After deleting a receipted donation, and possibly re-entering it corrected (if you deleted it so you could correct it) you need to create a corrected receipt and send it to the donor. Please see Generating Duplicate or Corrected Receipts for the instructions to do that.


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