Editing a Donation

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Editing a Donation

To edit a previously-entered donation, first find the donor, then if necessary scroll to the desired donation in the Donations area of the main window. The currently selected donation has a pointing hand icon to the left of it.


Once you have found the donation, you can edit its information to correct errors. Simply click into any of the fields in the Donations area and start making changes. Just like when you are entering a new donation, press Enter or F10 to save the changes, or ESC if you wish to cancel your changes. (You can't do anything else in the program until you choose one of those two options to finish editing.)


Uneditable Donations and Donation Fields


As explained in detail in the following sections of this page, the following cannot be edited directly on the main window, and are thus "greyed out" with a darker background, to indicate that fact:


Any prior year donations that are displayed.

Receipted donations with a value in their Recpt # field.

The Date, Amount, Cheque # / Paid By and Abundant Batch # fields of imported Abundant online donations.


Editing Prior Year Donations


There are options on the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options that allow you to see not just the current year's donations on the main window, but also additional years. However, donations from other years are never editable by clicking into their fields and typing. All of their fields have grey backgrounds to indicate this, and they don't allow changes. To edit them, you need to first change to the year of the donation(s) you want to edit, with the Maintenance ⇒ Change Year menu option.


Editing Receipted Donations


Donations which have already been receipted (with a value in the Recpt # field) are not editable by clicking into their fields and typing. All of their fields have grey backgrounds to indicate this, and they don't allow changes.


The reason for this is that if you edit an already receipted donation in any way, you will have to create a corrected receipt for it.


One way to change a receipted donation is to delete it and re-enter it with the desired corrections, but that should seldom be necessary, because of the new Correct option, described below.


Starting in version 4.01 of DONATION, you can actually correct receipted donations, and then automatically create the corrected receipt. To do that, first click on any field in the receipted donation row that you want to correct, so that the hand pointer at the left points at it. Then click the Correct button in the row of buttons above the donations. Alternatively, you can right-click on a field in the receipted donation, and pick Correct from the popup menu.


After a question confirming that you want to edit that row, a window such as the following will come up for editing it:




The same fields will be displayed in this window as are displayed on the program's main window, based on your selections in the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options.


Make any changes you need, then click Save (which will be enabled as soon as you make any changes). You will then be prompted to create the corrected receipt, after answering whether that receipt number has previously been sent to the donor. (That will determine whether or not the generated receipt is marked "Corrected".)


As usual, you can then print that receipt, email it, or save it to PDF, to get it to the donor. If you do not do any of those actions, but rather just close the window displaying the receipt, the change to the donation will be saved, but any corrected receipt will not be saved, and you will have to create it later.


Limitations: For technical reasons, you cannot use the Correct button and the editing window above to change a receipted Gift in Kind donation to a non-Gift in Kind donation, or a donation with Advantage (with the Eligible Amount filled in) to one without Advantage, or vice versa for either type.


Also, for any receipt generated in a version of DONATION prior to 4.01 (released in November 2017), using Correct to add a description of the advantage to a donation with advantage will not change the corrected receipt to be the new type that prints the description of the Advantage. The only way you could do that would be to delete the donation, issue a corrected receipt for it, then re-enter a new donation and issue a new receipt for it.


For more details, see Generating Duplicate or Corrected Receipts.


Editing Abundant Donations


If you are using and importing Abundant online donations, the basic fields of the donation cannot be edited, or your data in DONATION will no longer match the data from Abundant, and your Abundant bank deposits won't work. The fields that you cannot edit, and thus have grey backgrounds, are the Date, Amount (or Total Amount), Cheque # / Paid By, and Abundant Batch #. (You can only edit the Abundant Batch # field if you check an option for that on the Donations tab of Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options.)


The most likely type of changes that might be needed to Abundant online donations are changing their Category, if the donor informs you that they picked the wrong one when making their donation, or perhaps changing the Description. That is allowed.


If an Abundant donation has been assigned to the wrong donor, you may need to delete the donation from the original donor - after carefully noting its batch number - then re-enter it for the new donor, and be sure to enter the same batch number for it when you do so.


Also, if Abundant donations were assigned to the wrong donors, that almost certainly means that the two customer IDs imported from Abundant were associated with the wrong donor. Use the IDs button at the right of the various main-window buttons for the donor, to show the Customer IDs window. Copy out the Abundant Account ID and Abundant Customer ID (carefully noting which is which) then delete those rows from that window with the Delete button, and close the window. Go to the donor that those customer IDs should have been associated with, click IDs, and use the New button to add those two IDs back in for that correct donor.


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