Features for Churches

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Features for Churches

There are a number of features in DONATION that are particularly useful for churches and other places of worship.


Quick Multiple Donation Entry


The most significant feature for churches is the ability to quickly enter many donations made on the same date, for instance from a Sunday collection or offering in a church, using the File One Date Batch Entry menu option (or equivalently the Batch Entry button above the donations area on the main window). For details, see One Date Batch Entry.


Envelope Numbers


Many churches use envelopes for their collections, and thus you will probably want to enter your envelope numbers into the Donor's Member/Env. # field. You can type these in directly, but you can also enter them as sequential numbers by right-clicking in that field, and picking one of the following two options from the popup menu:


Next Higher Member/Env. #, which assigns the next highest number, after the last one that has been assigned to any donor, or

Lowest Unused Member/Env. #, which assigns the number that is the first gap in the sequential numbering (or 1 if that hasn't yet been assigned to any donor).


Both of these options obey the setting for the "Lowest Member/Env. # for automatic assignment" on the Donor tab of the Maintenance Main Window Options window.


You can also auto-assign (or re-assign) all or some envelope numbers - see Reassigning Envelope Numbers.


You can find donors on the Donor List quickly by envelope number, just by typing the number, which causes DONATION to immediately scroll to the donor with that envelope number.


Limited Users of DONATION


Some churches have people assigned to be Tellers or Counters who are allowed to use DONATION to enter the collection, but should only see the envelope numbers and not the donors’ names. There is a special feature for that, called the Limited User Password. Users who sign in with the Limited User Password have very restricted features available to them. You can control what those features are with options in the Limited Users tab of the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window.


There is also a training video on Special Features for Churches on the Demos and Samples web page, if you would prefer to see these features demonstrated live, rather than reading about them.

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