Regular Operating Procedures

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Regular Operating Procedures

All you will do on an average day in which you receive donations is to find each donor on main window's Donor List, then use F2 (or just click into the row for a new donation) to enter the donation.


If you get to a donor who is not yet on the list, click the New button above the Donor Details area or press F3 to enter the new donor before entering the donation.


To quickly enter a weekly collection or offering for a church or other place of worship, use One Date Batch Entry.


The main window and the One Date Batch Entry window (as well as the editor window for mail merge letters) can be resized. To do so, click and drag any edge or corner. You can also move these windows by clicking on their title bars and dragging them. When you re-open them the next time, they will be the same size and at the same position as when you last used them.


If you make a number of entries and have not done so recently, do Backup/Restore ⇒ Backup Database. (You will also be reminded to do so regularly, unless you have turned that option off.)


If you find that any donors' cheques are returned NSF from the bank, be sure to delete those donations from the program! Do not issue receipts before you have had time for cheques to clear.


If you receive address corrections for any donors, fix them up by finding the donor on the list, clicking into their information in the Donor Details area, making the change, and pressing Enter or F10 or clicking the Save button to save the changes.


If you realize there is a new category of donations, add it in with Maintenance ⇒ Donation Categories..


You may want to run one or more variations of the report under Reports ⇒ One Date Donation after each day's work to have a printed record of your entries from that day.


If a donor wants an immediate receipt, create one with Receipt ⇒ Current Donor Original.


See Also: Year End Procedures


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