Generating Bilingual or French-only Receipts

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Generating Bilingual or French-only Receipts

If your organization is in Quebec, or has a national donor base within Canada, you will need to generate either French/English bilingual or French-only receipts. To do that, go to the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window, and check one of the "Quebec" radio buttons before generating any receipts. (One is for bilingual, the other for French-only.)


In that same window, you can check the Use French Dates checkbox, in the "Options for Canada Only" section, to force the dates displayed in both the built-in receipts and in all mail-merge letters and receipts to be in French. If you select "Quebec (French only)", you must check that checkbox. The French dates on the receipt use the standard 3 to 5-character month names or abbreviations, for instance "31 juill. 2015" for what we would show in English usually as "Jul 31, 2015".


When you select either Quebec option, the main portion of the receipt, which you submit with your tax form, will be bilingual or French-only. In addition, there will be two copies of the main receipt, one for the federal and one for the provincial tax return. As usual, that is followed by a section for the donor to keep.


Please note, however, that the rest of the program is not at all bilingual.


Why Are My Receipts Each Two Pages Long?


One disadvantage of the bilingual and French-only receipts is that because of the extra space taken by the 2nd copy of the receipt for the provincial tax form, and for the bilingual version because of having both French and English, receipts tend to go onto a 2nd page. There is not usually any way to avoid this, because of all of the text that the CRA requires on receipts, including leaving some space for extra text needed on replacement or correction receipts, space for both a French and English organization name (entered on the Organization Info window), three lines for the amounts when split receipting (what the CRA calls donations with an "advantage") is being used. space for an optional logo and signature image, etc.


If you want to try making the receipts shorter, and you are using the regular built-in receipts, you can try adjusting the options on the Maintenance ⇒ Receipt Options window. If you switch to the mail-merge version of the receipts by using the option on that window, you can try editing the template to make it shorter, but honestly there's not much you can remove given the CRA's requirements. The chances are that you are going to be stuck with it being two pages no matter what you try. Sorry!



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