Move the Remote Database Version

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Move the Remote Database Version

This topic is only for users of the Remote Database Version of DONATION. All other users should go to Move the Program from One Computer to Another for full instructions. If you aren't positive which version you have, go to the Help ⇒ About DONATION menu option in the program and check the text under the version number in the window that appears.


For various reasons you may need to move DONATION from one computer to another, or add it to an additional computer. This would include changing staff (such as Treasurers) in your organization, upgrading to a new computer, or rebuilding your computer after a hard disk crash. (That's not technically another computer, but since the hard disk has been rebuilt or replaced, it has the same effect as if it was another computer!)


As long as you are up to date on your payments for DONATION, and thus entitled to log into your Remote Database Version, there is no charge for this - the program is licensed for any number of users in your organization, not merely for a specific individual or computer.


To move the program, you will need to follow a few steps:


1.On the new computer, download the Remote Database Version of DONATION from the DOWNLOAD page on the program's web site, at
Run that downloaded installation program to install DONATION on this new computer. Do not run DONATION there yet.
Note: It does not work to just copy the DONATION program directories (C:\Program Files\Donation etc.) from one computer to the other. You must do the installation on the 2nd computer.

2.Just run DONATION and login with your usual login email address and password. When it prompts you about registering, click the button for Already Registered.


3.The only other thing that might be required, if this is for a new user, is for the Administrator for this database to set up a login for them - see Remote Database User Management for details.


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