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DONATION Software for Churches

Easily track your donors and donations / contributions / givings / tithes with the DONATION Software for Churches

DONATION works well for churches, charities, and other places of worship. The same version is used for all of them, but this page lists some of the features that will be specially appreciated by churches.

DONATION makes sense for small to mid-sized places of worship:

  • Avoid the expense and complexity of a complete church management system.
  • Focus on one thing you absolutely must get right - tracking donors and donations, and issuing charitable receipts.

Beyond standard features, churches can benefit from these DONATION capabilities:

  • Quick multiple donation entry
  • Envelope number entry
  • User access controls

Quick Multiple Donation Entry

Quickly enter donations made on the same date, such as a Sunday collection or offering. Use the File ⇒ One Date Donation Entry menu option, or the Batch Entry button above the Donations area on the program's main window. (See Help topic: One Date Donation Entry.)

Envelope Number Entry for Donors

If you use collection envelopes, you can record envelope numbers in the Donor's Member/Env. # field.

  • Type envelope numbers in directly, or assign them sequentially by right-clicking in that field.
  • Auto-assign (or re-assign) some or all envelope numbers. (See Help topic: Reassigning Envelope Numbers.)

In the Donor List, typing an envelope number lets you find donors quickly by that number.

User Access Controls in DONATION

Your church might want to let volunteers like Tellers or Counters use DONATION to record collections - but only let them see envelope numbers, not donors' names. Use the Limited User Password feature for this. Through the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window you can control the features available to users who sign in with a limited-user password.

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