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   The Reports Receipt Sub-Menu

All ReceiptsPrints basic information on all receipts printed this year.  This report varies a bit depending on whether you are showing the Eligible Amount field in the donation details area (in which case this report distinguishes between the Total Amount and Eligible Amount of the receipt), and whether you are using distinct Gift In Kind receipts (in which case this report shows whether or not each report is for a Gift In Kind, under the heading "GIK?"). The "Replacement/Correction Type" field shows the type for corrected or replacement/duplicate receipts, and is blank for original receipts.


Incorrect ReceiptsLists receipts where the receipt amount does not match the total amounts of donations comprising the receipt, which must be corrected.


Mailing LabelsPrints mailing labels for all receipts with a given issue date (default today). See the section on Mailing Labels for details on the types of labels available.
EnvelopesPrints donors' names and addresses on standard #10 envelopes for all receipts with a specified issue date (default today). See the section on Envelopes for further details.