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Support for DONATION Software

Support Policy for DONATION Software

Support is available to all DONATION users who:
  • Are still in their initial 60-day evaluation period for the paid version, or
  • Have paid for the program within the last 12 months, or
  • Are in their first month after registration of the free Lite version, or
  • Are using the Lite version and have paid the small annual support fee for it.

Getting Support for DONATION Software

Cooperstock Software recommendeds three ways to get support for DONATION:

  1. Read the Product Documentation: You can answer most questions by consulting the DONATION help file or manual (which have the same contents).
    • After installing DONATION, you access the help by via the menu option Help ⇒ Contents and Index.
    • You can search in the help using the Index or Search tabs.
    • If you haven't installed DONATION, you can read the manual online from the Documentation page.

  2. Check the FAQs: Many common questions are answered on the Frequently-Asked Questions page on this web site.
  3. Email Cooperstock Software: You may also phone us at (416) 423-7722, but we would strongly encourage you to try email first.

One Day Response Time for DONATION Support

If you email us and receive no reply within a day, please phone us to follow up, at (416) 423-7722. Most emails will be answered much sooner.

Remote Control Support for DONATION

In rare cases, we may offer to solve complex problems by remote controlling your computer, with your permission and participation. In those cases, we use a program from Techinline to do so.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests about DONATION

Please report any bugs you find in DONATION, and feel free to request feature enhancements.

DONATION Support Exceptions

Your support subscription includes all normal "how to" questions, help with any problems you are having with the program, etc. However, it does not include custom data conversion from other systems. Fortunately, these are almost never necessary because of the flexible importing options in the program, and the built-in conversions from several other programs. It also does not include any work we do for you to develop custom mail-merge receipts or letters, because you are able to do that yourself in the built-in mail merge editor, or via Microsoft Word in unusual cases. If you do need us to perform custom data conversions or custom receipt or letter development for you, or the very unusual other situations that we do not consider to be part of standard support, we will negotiate an hourly charge for our time. (It is extremely rare that anyone needs this.)

How to Report Bugs Effectively

Check out software developer Simon Tatham's useful article on bug reporting at It indicates what sorts of details are helpful when reporting apparent software bugs. The article exhibits a bit of "attitude", but does give good advice overall.

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