Using a Donors Only Password

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Using a Donors Only Password

Some organizations may have multiple users of the same DONATION database, where one or more users handle financial information, but one or more other users should only see donor details - not financial information. (The sharing of the database would be by one of the methods in the Help topic Multiple User Options.)


You can set up a password for users who can view and edit the donor information, but cannot see or change any financial information, including receipts. You do that with Maintenance ⇒ Change Password ⇒ Donors Only Password. If a user then enters the program using this Donors Only Password, instead of the usual Program Entry Password, what they can see and do is limited, as explained on this page.


This password is not available to users of the free feature-limited Lite version of DONATION.


Please see Passwords in the Program for details on all of the available passwords.


For users of the Remote Database Version, this is instead done with the Maintenance ⇒ User Administration ⇒ Administer All Users menu option, by having an Administrator for this database set up a login for one or more Donor Only users. See Remote Database Version User Management for details.


Limitations of the Donor Only Password


On the main window, the area for entering and working with donations is removed, so you can only see the Donor List and Donor Details areas.

In the Donor Details area of the main window, the Annual Pledge or Current Pledge field is never displayed, since it is about money.

On the File menu, the Edit New Donation and One Date Batch Entry menu options are removed.

On the Maintenance menu, the Receipt Options, Donation Categories, Donation Paid By Values, Configure Bank Deposits, Create Bank Deposit, and Count Cash menu options are removed.

In the Maintenance ⇒ Main Window Options window, only the Donor tab is visible, and the checkbox for whether or not to display the Pledge field is removed.

In Maintenance ⇒ Change Password, the only sub-menu option that is visible is Donors Only Password.

All of the Letters menu options are available, but in the One Letter and Mass Mailings options, the only option in section 1 of those windows (for the type of letter) is Donor Information Only. Plus, the donor fields Pledge, Total Amount, Outstanding Amount and Last Year Amount are not available. Those amount fields are also not available for filtering when you use the Email Donors menu option.

In the Reports menu, the Donor ⇒ Donation Info, Donation, One Date Donation, Bank Deposit, Pledge, Receipt and Fiscal Year menu options and sub-menus are not available.

In the Reports ⇒ Donor sub-menu, the Donor Category 1 Totals, Donor Category 2 Totals, Old Donors, Non Donors and Charity Donors menu options are not available.

In the Reports ⇒ Category sub-menu, the Donation and Accounting Accounts menu options are not available.

A number of reports under Reports ⇒ Donor have invisible total_amount fields (the donor's total donations in the current year) that can be Filtered on and exported. Those fields are still there, but their values will always be $0 for every donor when using this password, so they do not tell you anything.

The Report Browser shows only the same reports as are available on the main Reports menu sub-menus.

Some reports (like mailing labels) that have options for only selecting donors with donations within a given range of dates have that option disabled.

Custom Reports only allow you to select Donor fields - no Donation, Receipt or Pledge fields.

You can memorize reports, but in Reports ⇒ Memorized Reports you can only re-run reports that were memorized when you (or someone) had entered the program with the Donors Only password.

The Receipts menu is removed.

The only option on the Database ⇒ Import sub-menu is Donors. Also on the Database menu, Change Date of Donations, Delete Old Data, Delete All Data, and Delete Latest Year are all removed.

In Database ⇒ SQL Select, you cannot run SQL that references any database tables or columns that include financial information, such as pledges, donations, receipts, bank deposits and cash counts.

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