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The Maintenance Menu

Organization Info

Edit the name, address and charitable number of your organization, etc. For more information see Editing Organization Info.


Main Window Options

Edit a number of options for the Donor Details area (including the names for the six customizable Other Info fields), the Donations area, plus options for Limited Users if you choose to use a Limited User password as well as a normal Program Entry password. For more information see Editing Main Window Options.


Receipt Options

Specify various options for the print format of the charitable receipts, including whether you want Canadian (English) receipts, Bilingual (French/English) receipts, French-only receipts, U.S. receipts or ones for Australia or other countries. For more information see Editing Receipt Options.


Email Sending


Set up the settings to allow the DONATION program to send emails. (These are your SMTP settings.) For more information see Email Sending Configuration.



Donation Categories

Allows you to enter various categories for donations. See Donation Categories for details.


Imported Category


Allows you to make changes to conversions of donation category names imported from various sources via several windows in the program, which have been matched to existing donation categories in the program. For instance, an imported value of "Library Donations" might have been converted to match an existing category just called "Library".


Donation Paid By


Allows you to edit the list of built-in values displayed on the drop-down list for the Cheque # / Paid By field. (You can also type anything you want into that field, however, not just the values listed in this menu option's window.) See Donation Paid By Values for details.


Recurring Donations


Allows you to view, edit and delete memorized recurring donations.

Donor Category 1 and

 Donor Category 2

Allows you to edit one of two possible distinct lists of categories for donors. See Donor Categories for details. If you set the Category 1 Label or Category 2 Label to something different in Maintenance Main Window Options the names of these menu options will change to include that new label.


Current Donor Communications

Allows you to view, enter and edit communications records for the currently-displayed donor.

Groups / Committees

Allows you to specific a list of Short Names and Full Names for groups or committees within your organization that a donor can be a member of. Once this is set up, you can specify which ones each donor is actually a member of.


Configure Bank


Allows you to configure whether you are preparing your bank deposits in DONATION, and if so, which accounting software program you will be exporting transactions to. See Configuring Bank Deposits for details.


Create Bank Deposit

Allows you to create a new bank deposit by selecting which cash, cheque etc. donations are included in it, or retrieve a previously saved bank deposit. On the same window, you can print a report on that bank deposit, and export it to an import file for Software4Nonprofits ACCOUNTS or Intuit QuickBooks Desktop.


If you have configured to use Abundant online donations, this menu is split into two sub-menu options:

Cash and Cheques (or Cash and Checks for users in the U.S.A.) which handles regular donations

Abundant Donations which confirms the totals, prints reports and exports accounting transactions for batches of donations imported from Abundant.


Count Cash

Brings up a window that allows you to count and total coins and bills.

Setup Abundant Online Donations

Does the initial setup of an account and its configuration for accepting Abundant online donations, and integrating them into DONATION.


Abundant Configuration Web Pages Sub-Menu

Contains sub-menu options Giving Forms, Gifts, Batches, Scheduled Gifts, Accounts, Funds, and Settings. Each of those goes to the appropriate setup page for that aspect of your Abundant online donation system. These can only be used after all of the initial setup steps (under Setup Abundant Online Donations) have been completed.

Date Formats

This menu option is only present for users of the OnDemand Version. See OnDemand Date Formats for details.

Change Year

Used to change the year of the data you are working on to an earlier or later year. If there is no data for the year you are changing to so far, you are given an option to copy donors and categories from the current year to the new year. See details under Year End Procedures and Changing Years in the Database.


Administer All Users

This menu option is only present for users of the OnDemand Version. See OnDemand User Management for details.

Change Password



See Passwords for details of most of the following sub-menu options, where other more-specific links aren't given.


In the OnDemand Version, only the Receipt Password option below is available - the limitations enforced by the other passwords are instead determined by the permissions given in the Maintenance  Administer All Users window for the OnDemand Version. All of the other options below are omitted.


  Program Entry


Set or change the password used to get into the program. You can remove the password by leaving the New Password fields completely empty.


  Limited User


Set or change the password used by Limited Users to get into the program. For more details on Limited Users, see Using a Limited User Password.


  Read Only


Set or change the password for read-only users. Such users can view data and reports, and create letters etc., but not change any data, generate receipts (other than sample ones) etc.


  Receipt Password

Set or change the password required before you can generate receipts. (This can be used to provide added security in terms of who can generate receipts.) If this is not set, users who enter with the Program Entry Password (or all users, if that is not set) can create receipts.


  Internet Backup



Set or change the password used to encrypt Internet Backups, which is also used for the Cloud Storage Service. As long as you have not set up a Read Only or Limited User password, this can be the same as the Program Entry Password, as long they both satisfy the stricter requirements for Internet passwords.


  Donors Only


Set or change the password for users who can only see and change donor information, no financial information (donations, receipts, pledges, etc.). See Using a Donors Only Password.

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