The Reports Category Sub-Menu


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The Reports Category Sub-Menu

DonationPrints the list of donation categories in alphabetical order.
Accounting AccountsPrints the list of donation categories with their corresponding accounting accounts, if that has been configured with the Maintenance ⇒ Bank Deposit Exporting Configuration menu option. (Note: This report is not visible on the menu if that has not been configured, or you have chosen the option "No Processing of Bank Deposits" on that window.)


Donor Category 1Prints the list of Donor Category 1 categories in alphabetic order.


Donor Category 2Same, for Donor Category 2.


If you set the Category 1 Label or Category 2 Label to something different in the Maintenance Main Window Options window, the names of the previous two menu options, and some headings on the reports, will change to include those new labels.