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For the Standard version of DONATION, please just read the most current version of the DONATION program’s Help topic “Move the Program from One Computer to Another”, online at, for full instructions. That topic will also be available in your existing program’s help file, but depending on what version of the program you have, it may not be as up to date as the online version.

For the Standard version of ACCOUNTS, its topic with the same title is online at

For OnDemand DONATION or ACCOUNTS, just install the OnDemand client software from the links at and log in!

For DONATION, your best start is the introductory videos HERE.

For ACCOUNTS, we also recommend the introductory videos HERE. In addition, please be sure to read the Help topic “Accounting Concepts”, including its section “Funds and Fund Accounting”. And if you are first starting to use ACCOUNTS and need to enter your prior balances, see the Help topic “Opening Balances”.

Your best resource for learning the DONATION or ACCOUNTS programs is their Help files, accessed via the Help -> Contents and Index menu option on the main window, and also from Help buttons on most other windows. The Index in the Help file can be particularly helpful, for looking up things based on sensible keywords, or based on topic titles we give you in response to questions.

You can redisplay the receipts in DONATION, without changing their status to Duplicate or Corrected, with the Receipt -> Reprint Range menu option. Then you can print them or email them as desired. If you aren’t sure which numbers you want to reprint, check the list of them via Reports -> Receipt -> All Receipts.

When receipts have already been sent to the donor, you can choose an appropriate option on the Receipt -> Reprint Range window to mark your redisplayed ones as Duplicate or Corrected.

We have a detailed guide to adding a new database for another organization, or switching to another database in the programs. Please look up “Switching Databases” in the Index of the Help! (You get to that via Help -> Contents and Index on the program’s main menu.)

When you are looking for reports your best bet is to use the Report Browser (the first option on the Reports menu), which lets you see all of the reports (and try them out), with a description of each one, including what it can be selected on.
You can email us at, use the form to the right, or use features in the programs to send us emails or screenshots of windows or messagesboxes, with your questions about them.

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