Editing a Donation

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To find a donation, just find the donor, then if necessary scroll to the desired donation in the Donations area of the main window. The currently selected donation has a pointing hand icon to the left of it.


Once you have found the donation, you can edit its information to correct errors. Just click into any of the fields in the Donations area and start making changes. Just as when you are entering a new donation, press Enter or F10 to save the changes, or ESC if you wish to cancel your changes. (You can't do anything else in the program until you choose one of those two options to finish editing.)


You cannot edit donations which have already been receipted. You can only delete them and re-enter them. You will see that you cannot edit them because all of their fields have grey, rather than white, backgrounds. For more details, see Generating Duplicate or Corrected Receipts.