The Actions Menu

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The Actions Menu

The Actions menu includes a number of different ways to enter financial transactions (most of which can also be done using quick links on the main window). The following options are on this menu:


Write ChequesWrite a new cheque on a bank account.


Enter DepositsRecord a deposit to a bank account.


Enter BillsRecord a bill from a vendor, for later payment. See Entering Bills.


Bill ListSee your list of outstanding bills (with an option to see already paid bills), and add, edit, or delete them. See Maintaining your List of Bills.


Pay BillsPay one or more outstanding bills that were recorded with Enter Bills. See Paying Bills.


Bill Payment ListSee your current list of bill payments, with an option to add one (the same as using the Pay Bills menu option), or edit or delete them. See Maintaining your List of Bill Payments.


Journal EntriesUsed to enter journal entries, using debits and credits. (Most transactions are not entered this way. Rather, they are entered using the special purpose data entry windows listed earlier in this menu, or register windows.)


Opening BalancesUsed to enter the opening balances (most likely from a previous accounting program) for all of the accounts on your chart of accounts.



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