Viewing and Printing Reports


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Viewing and Printing Reports

When you generate any report from the Reports menu, they will show up on a Reports window for previewing. You can scroll through the report with the scroll bar, or by using the First Page, Previous Page, Next Page and Last Page VCR-style toolbar buttons.


This window is resizable, by clicking and dragging on any edge or corner. However, please note that the print preview area for the report itself doesn't actually resize, so there will be very little benefit to resizing the window to be wider than that area.


Send the report to your printer with the Print button (or Ctrl+P or Alt+P). To choose another printer or set printer options (such as double-sided printing if available) use the Print Setup button. (This accesses the same option as the File ⇒ Print Setup menu on the main window.)


When you are using the evaluation version of the program (before you have paid and received a license key), a footer line is printed on every page of every printed report, mentioning that it was printed from the evaluation version.


When you print reports, you will be shown a standard Print dialog box that allows you to do things such as select a printer, or select a range of pages or a number of copies.


Exit the reports window by closing it with the normal "X" close button on the top right-hand corner, or by using the Close button or pressing ESC.


The following are the other buttons for things you can do on the Reports window:





Filtering Reports


Sorting Reports

Save As

Saving Reports to Files (includes option to email them)

Save PDF

Saving Reports as PDF Files


Memorizing Reports

Load SQL

Loading SQL for Reports


For reports that prompt for values, such as a range of dates, prompts again and redisplays the report with the new values. Not visible for reports that do not prompt for values.


Changes the print margins (only available when printing cheques).


For details of individual reports, see The Reports Menu.


Many reports that include an Income Statement have drill-down capabilities. Values in them for accounts that don't have sub-accounts (the ones you can post transactions to) are shown in blue and you can click on them. (Don't worry, they switch back to being shown in black if you Print them, save them to PDF, or export them with Save As!) Clicking on those fields shows a detail report of the transactions included in the displayed total for that account that you clicked on. A Back button at the top-left corner of the detail report takes you back to the original report.